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On a roll call vote by the Board

As usual, I always seem to dig deeper than necessary when I see dirty politics used to gain a political advantage. What I am referring to is the Dec 26 letter titled, “Nevada County supervisors need to be held accountable.”

The author stated that our “independent thinking” supervisors must be held accountable for misrepresenting the “majority” of Nevada County by placing a limit on “our patriotism, allegiance, and support of the president.”

I went back and read the minutes of the Sept. 18, 2001 BOS meeting, item 5, page 159, titled Correspondence, and found quite a different understanding than the Dec 26 letter. In fact, the entire resolution of record demonstrates nothing less than absolute support of “the leadership of the President, members of Congress and the courts as they move forward in this time of tragedy …”

Please note that on Dec. 10, 2001, the National Association of Counties placed Nevada County on their Sept 11, 2001 Honor Roll. “NACO proudly salutes the counties that took swift and patriotic action to condemn terrorism, aid in recovery, and keep their communities strong and free in the wake of the terrorist attacks on America.” I highly doubt that our county would have been given such distinction if the Dec 26h article held any merit.

I would suggest that the author should have done her homework by checking the Web at naco.org/pubs/cnews/current/honor_roll.htm prior to stooping to such low political tactics. I would further suggest she check our county Web site and read the minutes of the Sept. 18, 2001 BOS meeting relative to this resolution before questioning the patriotism of our elected officials.

I enjoy fair and open dialog on issues, but resent this kind of biased opinion based on ignorance when used as an attempt to gain political advantage.

Marty Pezzaglia

Nevada City

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