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‘Old Glory’ is being abused

Indeed “Old Glory” deserves respect when “Old Glory” stands for these principles – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as described in The Declaration of Independence and our pledge to it of justice for all. It deserves respect when we are guided by the laws as described in our Constitution and in our Bill of Rights. But it isn’t getting any of this respect and our action towards it are as described in “The Hollow Men” by T.S.Eliot.

We just have to look at our kangaroo court systems. The rich and powerful are stealing millions of dollars and are killing innocent people and go scot free while petty thieves are getting 25 years to life. Our peace officers are armed to the teeth and their murders are called justifiable homicides. They use the Neo-Nazis for their retaliations, as in my case, to harass and terrorize us. Neither The Union nor the League of Women Voters will address the neo-Nazi issue. Our land is raped of its beauty and resources by money speculators and is bulldozed, piped and paved over by special money-minded interest groups. Property rights only apply to them and not to others who are not interested in artificial wealth and whose rights as described in The Bill of Rights are trampled upon.

Our government spends billions of our taxpayers dollars and supplies an oppressive regime with military hardware who incurs upon the land of others, while the Victims are called terrorists and have no other means than to blow themselves up.

The abuses towards our “Old Glory are numerous and that’s why my “Old Glory” is tattered and cries. A disturbing and offensive sign indeed.

Anthony Cleison

Grass Valley

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