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Old age brings more laughter

I’ve read that life begins at 80 because at that age, society forgives you for all your errors in judgment and social goofs. I am now 79, but put myself in the 80s category because living through the Depression and a number of wars, I matured a year early.

I find the 80s beneficial for a different reason. I cared little about society’s impression of me, but have now regained my sense of humor. I haven’t had a good laugh since Johnny Carson retired.

Things I considered serious are now a source of laughter to me. The following are a few things I took seriously some years ago that now give me a chuckle.

1. Two C and D students, who never attended a public school, wrote a national education bill.

2. Gas guzzling SUVs flying American flags on their aerials.

3. A costly pamphlet from my congressman with profound questions like, “Would you rather have a tax cut or tax increase?”

4. President Bush answering a question without a script.

5. Both sides of the over-emphasized and misunderstood NH 2020 controversy.

6. Environmentalists who think they have a chance against big money and developers.

7. The leader of the free world hiding in an elementary school, while the country is involved in a war and the Mideast is about to blow up.

8. Congressmen complaining about budgets when they have enough pork hidden in other bills to balance the budget.

9. The Congress and administration wiggling between Arafat and Sharon, not wanting to lose the Jewish vote, but not wanting to irritate the oil producing Arabs.

10. The Senate passing a ridiculous farm bill to get the Midwest vote.

11. Males fighting against a woman’s right to choose.

12. The public’s dream that eliminating the Taliban would bring peace between tribal war lords in Afghanistan.

13. Bombing Afghanistan will have a positive effect in reducing terrorism.

Readers must be kind and forgive the ranting of an 80-year-old as I may be on the edge of senility, but it must be refreshing that I only mentioned NH 2020 once.

Don Cooks

Nevada City

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