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OK, OK … he liked ‘Sorority Boys’

I hate to admit it, but I enjoyed the flick “Sorority Boys” in spite of myself. George Bob says three stars for this scandalous sex farce. I suppose this is the kind of movie that will give us a black eye in the Muslim and Arab worlds, but this superficial spring break fare does have redeeming virtues. It is about sexual coming-of-age like “American Pie,” but this time at the college level.

What redeeming virtues you ask? Well, it’s very funny and it pokes good-natured fun at the superficial indulgence of American sorority and fraternity life – a welcome target. Of course its overdrawn to make scoring and partying seem the whole purpose of Greek college life on campus, but it scores some nice points for attitude over beauty, sensitivity and listening over style and posturing. The underdogs win in this movie. In fact the Sorority DOGS outplay the beautiful DELTAS in smash-mouth football and the unattractive losers triumph. And the three guys posing at Sorority girls “come out” to reveal themselves as changed and caring fellas after all.

That’s the good part; less reassuring is the fact that “Sorority Boys” will be relevant mainly in the west and other “decadent” environs. In child-centered cultures it will be hard for young adults to conceive of having enough freedom and money to party non-stop. Also sexual mores are much more tied to marriage and child-rearing as the focus of sexuality. I’m sure a lot of Second and Third Worlders will scratch their heads and say wistfully “Only in America.” but they will see it anyway, right?

Still, it’s liberating by virtue of making lusty sex play and sex yearning commonplace – like white bread. In these post-Clinton years we are getting used to body parts, skin and body functions. Soon there will be nothing left to guffaw at or whisper about. Most likely that’s a good thing.

George Loftus

Grass Valley

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