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Oil bill defeat due to bad politics

The defeat of the bill to drill for oil in the ANWR area of northern Alaska needs some truthful investigation. Those against the bill were of two types: environmentalists and politicians.

During the months prior to the vote by Congress, I received numerous propaganda letters from several environmental groups opposed to this proposed drilling and all requested contributions amounting to $50 or more. With all the contributions from hundreds of thousands of people unfamiliar with the area, the amount received must had been quite substantial. Most asked people to write their Congressional representatives to defeat the bill. This propaganda mentioned ANWAR as one of the last pristine environments, without noting that most of Canada and Alaska are and will remain pristine environments owing to lack of economic incentive. Not mentioned is the manifold increase of the caribou population during the oil booms in the Prudhoe Bay Area, or that caribous belong to the deer family and that many were imported from Siberia during the 19th century to benefit the eskimo people.

The often described “greedy” oil operators didn’t use the same tactics. The term “greedy” is contradictory. Many environmentalists, in this case, are actually more greedy because they often benefit enormously from contributions for negative and misleading obstructions, whereas the oil companies find and then offer the energy for our civilization.

The other group defeating this bill are certain Democrats who are anxious to dominate congress by opposing President Bush on most of his recommendations. It is sad to reflect that the defeat of this bill was political, based largely on falsehood rather than what may be beneficial to America.

Allan P. Bennison

Grass Valley

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