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Oil addiction leads to war

While at the San Francisco Police Rally there was one speaker who stood out to me. She was a Jewish woman who was befriended by the Palestinians, and sheltered by them in the occupied territory. She spoke of atrocities put upon the Palestinians by the Israelis. Hardships as no food, no medical, and no education for their young. She spoke of Palestinian women ordered to strip naked to be paraded in front of the Israeli soldiers. Strong as these women are in their spiritual belief and culture, they refused. For their punishment of disobeying an order these Palestinian women were forced to stand in the hot, grueling sun for hours with their heavy garments on.

That day I witnessed photographs, that from the occupied territory, of dead bodies by the masses being bulldozed into massive graves. They were not just men, but of women, and small children.

Other speakers spoke of the U.S. involvement in this war. The multi-corporate media has kept much of this dismay from the American public. The saddest thing is the U.S. government is the primary financier for the Israelis’ war against the Palestinians.

I have come to the conclusion that the biggest addiction that the people of the United States and other countries are facing is the need for oil. We all must fuel our cars to maintain our way of life. The monkey on our backs are the corporations who desire the ultimate greed and power. We have witnessed the scandals of Enron and PG&E in our own backyards.

We’re a great nation, with so much potential for invention. If this nation can clone kittens we can fuel cars without pollution and destruction. We have the knowledge right now; we need the funding and support from the politicians that the people voted in, not the corporations. We need to take action and get in touch with our representatives and speak our needs to the leaders of this nation. Our forefathers gave us valuable tools such as freedom of speech, the right to assemble, and to vote on the leaders who have our best interests in mind.

Sheilah Kemp

Nevada City

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