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Obama ‘ignores’ our Founding Fathers’ three R’s

Our Founding Fathers deserve greater respect. They established this country on the back of the original three R’s: reason, rationality and rights. We have clearly strayed far from these principles.

Reason is man’s faculty that enables him to grasp reality and acquire knowledge.

Rationality is man’s most fundamental virtue – the acceptance of reason as one’s only source of knowledge, only judge of values and only guide to action.

Rights (of the individual) define a man’s freedom of action in a social context. This concept pertains only to actions; to freedom from physical coercion or interference by other men. It does not pertain to the objects of one’s actions.

Man’s fundamental right is his life: To engage in self-generated actions required by his nature in order to survive and fulfill his life. Then follows the rights to property, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (not happiness per se).

These rights are inalienable: They pertain to all equally, and they are without conflict (in principle).

It clearly follows that freedom – the absence of physical coercion – is a fundamental requirement of man. Also required is independence: acceptance of the responsibility for making independent judgments and ultimate choices.

Our founders created our Constitution and Declaration of Independence to ensure we adhere to such principles. The political system they founded – the only one that is truly based on the recognition of individual rights – was capitalism.

In such a system, such rights can be violated only by means of physical force; and no one or group may initiate the use of force against others. The only function of government is to protect man’s rights.

Rights and freedom must rule. Every government policy or law must be measured by how it enhances both. Unfortunately, most policies and laws fail miserably. And that is only because we have strayed far from a capitalist society. Let’s look at some examples.

• The war against totalitarian Islam (our real enemy) is critical for our future freedom. But many do not see its importance; they further mistakenly believe that we can successfully negotiate with evil leaders.

• A rational energy policy would leave industry free to drill for oil and explore alternative energy sources. But many mistakenly believe that the oil industry and market speculators are the causes of high fuel prices, and Congress has simply interfered far too long with this industry and contributed significantly to the supply/demand problem.

• The environment needs protecting against unreasonable pollution but not against “global warming.” Evidence clearly shows that warming has been insignificant, not global (only in the northern hemisphere), not human-caused and essentially ended 10 years ago. But many choose to believe the opposite and simply want to stop the use of energy and ultimately destroy the economy for the sake of nature. Environmentalists have been the most influential factor causing Congress to fail on the energy front.

• A sound economy requires laissez-faire policies: Industry must be free to produce, profits must be recognized as earned, and taxes must be held to a minimum to enable all to keep what they have earned. But many believe – without facts – that more regulation is necessary, industry must be punished for being too profitable, and wealth must be redistributed to favor the unproductive and unearned.

• The global marketplace requires free trade policies. And “outsourcing” enhances it, making industry more efficient and lowering the cost of goods. But many attempt to interfere with trade at every turn. And they mistakenly see outsourcing as harmful to our economy.

• Gun ownership is a right (Second Amendment). But many choose to ignore that fact and refuse to admit that gun control always leads to greater crime.

• Health care is not a right. A sound health care system requires all components of the industry to be free to solve existing problems – problems that did not exist prior to government involvement. But many believe – without facts – that a National Health Care plan (“socialized medicine”) is the only answer. They ignore cause and effect and attempt to redefine “rights.”

If it is not already obvious, Barack Obama is one of those “many” noted above: As the most socialistic candidate for president we have ever had, he ignores the three R’s and desires “change” of the worst kind.

I suggest you think really hard before casting a vote for Obama and helping this great country stray farther from its roots. He is clearly a threat to our fundamental principles.

Tom DeChaine lives in Penn Valley.

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