Not bamboozled by heathens, no siree! |

Not bamboozled by heathens, no siree!

I would like to enthusiastically add my voice to the chorus of those readers of The Union who will not be bamboozled by the sarcastic rhetoric of the tree-hugging, Stalin-worshipping, granola-eating liberals who infest our community and try to discredit the actions of us decent, God-fearing, white, patriotic, Christian, conservative Americans.

Don’t these immoral heathens realize the extent to which we conservatives have tirelessly fought for the rights of all Americans? For example, we have bravely fought for the rights of women to stay home, bake cookies and have babies. We have relentlessly fought for the rights of blacks to shine shoes, pick cotton and clean toilets. We have valiantly fought for the rights of homosexuals to stay in the closet or in a federal prison. The list goes on and on.

And how do these groups thank us? By voting Democrat! The ingrates! You know whose rights have really been trampled over the years? Conservatives! That’s right – although white, heterosexual, Christian, upper-class Republican males comprise a whopping 11 percent of the population, we have to settle for controlling a measly 80 percent of the country’s government and industry leadership positions. Why isn’t it 100 percent like it should be? It’s because of those darn liberals, depriving us of our God-given right to dominate everyone in the country. Darn them, darn them, darn them!

Ross Woodbury

Grass Valley

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