Norm Sauer: Insights from traveling Europe |

Norm Sauer: Insights from traveling Europe

In May, my wife and I traveled in Europe visiting the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, the Slovak Republic, and Hungary.

Without exception there was an uneasiness amongst the people with the European Union’s policy of unfettered immigration from Syria and other Muslim countries. This uneasiness persists today throughout Europe and the Western world with the people, but not with their elite leaders.

The extraordinary situation triggered by an immigration policy that negated the borders of European countries caused me to reflect of what has transpired politically in Europe and the United States since World War II.

Coming out of World War II the western world knew National Socialism or anything like it could not be allowed to happen again. The left took advantage of this sentiment by convincing the world the problem was nationalism, not socialism.

In my opinion, being a patriotic American is the only bulwark against the utter evils of the socialists, whether they be national socialists or international socialists because socialism and its sister ideology communism (and its ally, Islamism) are the true evils of this world.

Europe built the supranational European Union controlled by central planning from Brussels. Meanwhile, in the United States the socialist left waged war against patriotism and divided Americans based on race, sex, income, and national origin.

Today, however, people are waking up to realize the evil isn’t nationalism, it is socialism. Many now realize the only bulwark against the evils of socialism is nationalism.

Thinking back to World War II, if the people of Great Britain had not so loved their nation they would have had no reason to stand up to the Socialists’ relentless bombardments. And, if Americans had not so loved their country they would have had neither the reason nor the fortitude to stand against the evils of communism and won the Cold War.

In America, the culture of the Golden Rule that we are all equal under the law, has been under attack by our elitist socialist politicians who set themselves above the law. These corrupt individuals also entitle others in order to win their votes and maintain power.

For example, the Obama administration insists minorities are favored over white people in hiring, even when they are less qualified. Meanwhile, negative feelings against whites by minorities are considered righteous anger, while any such feeling by whites towards minorities is “racism.” And, while Hillary Clinton argues women who claim they have been raped must be believed, her protection of her profligate husband puts the lie to this harridan’s argument.

Western cultures are now facing the arrogance, the feelings of superiority, and the entitlement mentality of the radical Muslims and ISIS. Inimical to our beliefs, Obama does all he can to allow Muslims and other minorities into the United States thereby eliminating our borders. Hillary Clinton proposes to allow at least one million Muslims to come here during her first term as president, and could reach 5 million by the end of her second term.

We must realize there is no Golden Rule in Islam. Sharia Law allows honor killing of children, wife beating, child-brides, raping non-Muslim women, owning work slaves, owning sex slaves, and killing those who question Islam. Were there a Golden Rule in Islam there would be a death penalty for murdering non-Muslims as well as Muslims, and protecting against child honor killings.

In the words of author and director of Jihad Watch Robert Spencer, “After having overcome fascism, Nazism, and Stalinism, the world now faces a new global totalitarian threat: Islamism.”

In America, the socialist left’s assault on nationalism has been so successful that to be called a “patriot” is seen as a synonym for being a “terrorist” by the Department of Homeland Security. And the word “patriot” was one criterion used by the Obama administration to determine who the IRS would war against in its corrupt and evil campaign against conservative nationalist groups seeking non-profit tax status.

So, the war of the socialists against the nationalists is the underlying war that has been on going in America and Western Civilization since World War II, and it is now coming to a head.

In June, it was the choice of the British who chose to be a nation rather than part of a socialist entity with their vote to exit the European Union. And this November it will be the choice of the American people to choose between a socialist Hillary Clinton and a nationalist Donald Trump.

In my opinion, being a patriotic American is the only bulwark against the utter evils of the socialists, whether they be national socialists or international socialists because socialism and its sister ideology communism (and its ally, Islamism) are the true evils of this world.

Norm Sauer, who lives in Nevada City, is a member of The Union Editorial Board. His opinion is his own and does not reflect the viewpoint of The Union or its editorial board. Write to him at

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