Nonprofits important, deserve funding |

Nonprofits important, deserve funding

Since retiring and moving to Grass Valley a year ago, I have been following local issues in The Union to become more acquainted with the community, and to better understand the local services here in the community. The recent letters and articles around the need for assistance by the nonprofit community have drawn my interest and concern. Stephanie Snyder recently responded to an article written by Richard Crandall, and I feel that she missed the point Mr. Crandall was making, which was that there are insufficient funds being appropriated to local nonprofits by local, state or federal governments.

Ms. Snyder did give a more detailed figure of county general funding, $38,176 as opposed to the generalized $35,000 example of Mr. Crandall. However, she did not indicate who received these funds. Of the $46,874 “funneled through to the community,” and the “$1,000,000 to provide and extend important health and human services in the Nevada County community,” it would be very informative to know which nonprofits have been the recipients of these funds.

Every community is challenged to meet the needs of its residents.

Nevada County, with its high percentage of retired and aging population, is especially challenged to find ways to provide services for this group. Rural communities seldom provide specialized services since they have a much harder time attracting federal or state funds then do urban communities. For this reason, our local nonprofits such as Sierra

Services for the Blind need to be considered as vital when funds are appropriated. Stephanie Snyder is correct in stating that “the answer is not simply expecting more money to flow from Washington, Sacramento or the county coffers,” but I would hope that the expectation is that the local non-profits are considered when funding is appropriated, and that their importance in helping to provide a quality life here in Nevada County, now and in the future, for those who have chosen to live here is never forgotten. This is my future, and one reason I moved to Grass Valley.

Sue Bergesen

Grass Valley

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