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"No on NH 2020" signs

The Union printed opinions from R. Josephine Jordan, containing her interpretation of free speech (which is basically to stop all speech that she does not agree with), and her complete misunderstanding of the laws pertaining to the “No on NH 2020” signs. Her writing sounds like Sierra Business Council propaganda. She uses the old liberal standby: “Attack the messenger” – in this case, the signs – “and ignore the message.”

Citizens for Property Rights in Nevada County (CPR-INC) believes NH 2020 is not needed and not wanted by the citizens of Nevada County. But we are pleased and happy that these “No on NH 2020” signs are driving Ms. Jordan nuts. Every time she and her fellow SBC supporters write one of these tantrum, tizzy-fit columns, we get more donations. With more donations, we can make more “No on NH 2020” signs. We really appreciate Ms. Jordan and The Union for helping us out.

Also, has anyone heard if Brian Bisnett has gotten his foot out of his mouth, yet? We do miss reading those funny quotes from his Earth First! comic books. You remember the ones, like “El Nino is caused by global warming” and “We are losing 17,000 species each and every year.” But Mr. Bisnett can’t identify any of the 325 lost last week, or any one-week period, in any year. These extreme green folks sure are a barrel of fun. Please send donations to CPR, P.O. Box 26, Cedar Ridge, CA 95924. Since we are all volunteers, we promise to put your entire donation to good work.

W.W. Weismann


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