No on NH 2020 is red herring |

No on NH 2020 is red herring

Talking with friends, Natural Heritage 2000 came up but none of us knew what it was. Having come here as a refugee from the city and being forever grateful to Nevada County for my little plot of land with small house, pond and creek, I thought it my civic duty to find out. Also, I was curious. Looking into it, I found it to be just a study. Nevada Countians are a studious lot. They love to go to meetings and talk when it is too cold to hike. I had done studies for the League of Women Voters, County General Plan, and others. It isn’t a bad idea to get information before acting. I recalled groups working on the plan and some North San Juan types concerned about animal immigration trails and roadways. Nothing wrong with that; I hate seeing squashed remains. And I truly love frogs, even the little monsters being born nowadays with six toes.

As NH 2000 became a hot political issue, I was again confused. Were the storm troopers about to descend on me? Would they confiscate my frogs? I spoke to some ladies with “No on NH 2000” petitions and asked them who was behind their group. They said just private citizens who wanted to protect my property rights. Then certain names and organizations started popping up – land developers, real estate interests, contractors, lumber companies. I know a duck when it walks like one. I thought of “red herring.” In the old days a fish would be dragged across the path of hunting dogs to confuse them, and so “red herring” came to mean something that distracts attention from the real issue. That’s what “No on NH 2000” is. These folks want to protect my property? Sure. I think they would like to pave it and turn it into a parking lot. No thanks, Drew. No to you.

Pat Wynne

Grass Valley

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