No gavel, more gravel |

No gavel, more gravel

Well, I see SYRCL is hailing Yuba fish regulations. Wonderful. In the almost 27 years I have lived on the Yuba River below Englebright Dam, the salmon and steelhead seek suitable spawning gravel, not more socialist regulations.

For the better part of 25 years I have written numerous letters to my congressman, Fish and Game ad nauseam to remove the 100,000-plus cubic yards of shot rock (blast rubble) that migrated downstream from the Englebright project in recent floods. In the 1997 flood another 40,000-plus cubic yards was deposited on my mining claim, all to the detriment of the salmon habitat.

Salmon cannot spawn in shot rock in the Yuba, despite all their bragging that SYRCL, YCWA and Fish and Game environmentalists do. I’ve heard all their rhetoric and false scientific reasons for maintaining their stance that “increased flows and colder water” is more beneficial for their so-called “aquatic resources.” In the face of the fact that salmon and steelhead have been listed as “endangered species” since 1999, the only solution these environmentalists can come up with are more draconian (New World Order) regulations.

My proposal that I made to the YCWA, Board of Supervisors, Department of Interior’s Craig Fleming, LYRTWG since 1999 to remove the shot rock and restore the spawning habitat is mostly shined-on. It doesn’t fit their agenda. All that is needed is about 2,000 feet of logging type road down the canyon from the PG&E road (who denied my request for an easement, as well as UC Davis) a backhoe and dump trucks. The rock can be sold as rip-rap or road base. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to solve this problem that the state is responsible for. You can bet your boots that if my placer mining created this shot rock mess, the state agencies would be all over me like white on rice. They don’t want the salmon taken off the endangered species list because the bureaucrats wouldn’t get anymore grant money to do more studies and hold more hearings. No need for them to exist.

James L. Butler


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