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NH 2020 signs may come down if maps are withdrawn

Our Board of Supervisors has been criticized for directing staff members to attack our First Amendment rights by demanding the removal of the Stop & No NH 2020 signs. Although expected nearly two years ago, the BOS knew then, and know now, that they have no ground to stand on. Still, in their panic over the primary election results, and blinded by the specter of losing control of our county, they made a serious mistake and our citizens are outraged. There is a possible compromise solution.

We all know that the most frightening thing about the four “products” of NH 2020 is the “Biological Inventory Maps.” Once these maps are public record, the property owners will be responsible for the “care and feeding” of all critters and their habitat, past, present and future. Think about that. Worse yet, just like the Endangered Species Act, the maps will be the authority and if you know anything about government, it is nearly impossible to change “established law.” You and your property will be attached in perpetuity. If you doubt this get the BOS’s denial in writing.

I propose a solution. The opponents of NH 2020 will agree to encourage the signs’ owners to remove them in exchange for the county’s retrieval of our maps from Sierra Business Council and their staff, and place them in a holding location, never to be made public. The Biological Inventory conducted for the 1995 General Plan shall once again be the controlling document and the “project by project” biological assessment shall be re established.

The county can continue the “NH 2020 process,” eventually presenting the Open Space District and funding requirements to the voters as required by law. The habitat management and vegetation ordinance products can be structured as ordinances in the CAC recommendations to the BOS, and implemented as agreed upon by the property owners. This is a solution.

A return to common sense, reason and decency is all that is needed. We need a balance and we encourage the BOS to do this, the right thing.

Drew Bedwell

Grass Valley

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