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NH 2020 propaganda proliferates

Lee Maxwell

NH 2020 is an empty box, a habitat survey, only good planning, they tell us. Yet four of our supervisors and supporting special interest groups (SYCRL, RQC, SBC, etc.) know that increasingly citizens see cracks in this fable, and it makes them all the more desperate to sell it quickly. When you know your product has faults, you hide them. Machiavelli wrote, “No enterprise is more likely to succeed than one concealed from the enemy until it is ripe for execution” (see nh2020.net). Supervisors go forward with the plan, saying we’ll get a look when it’s ready. They treat us as the enemy who must remain ignorant, discrediting our intelligence.

NH 2020 is no empty box. It includes not just studies, but active management and regulation plans, restrictions on land use, open space as government chooses, and taxation to cover costs. Supervisors know where it’s headed, providing them power to act as they and their supporters please. They know that if citizens see the future of it they’ll say no way to blatant mismanagement. So they hide it behind false fronts just as was done in Placer County.

A habitat survey was done prior to NH 2020 and Supervisor Martin was told it suffices for her land. Why? More will be required of us. Good planning? Our General Plan provides that, can be amended if required, and doesn’t call for NH 2020’s power grab. Supervisors reject our call for input, saying their opponents are big business. But big business has taken little role in opposing NH 2020. Business involvement is the Sierra Business Council and the wealthy Packard Foundation, NH2020’s greatest benefactors.

All I know who oppose NH 2020 love our beautiful environment in Nevada County. It’s our environment and we don’t want it taken and run by bureaucrats and special interests. If people are willing to give up their freedom to enjoy this beautiful environment for (false) security promised by this approach they won’t enjoy either, to paraphrase “The Final Word” from The Union, March 21. Expect much more propaganda trying to sell this fable – don’t swallow it.

Lee Maxwell

Nevada City


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