Nevada County weighs peace, war, oil |

Nevada County weighs peace, war, oil

Peace Bus carries half-truths

The Peace Bus (“Other Voices”, Jan. 10) column is filled with half-truths, unsubstantiated allegations, and an abysmal ignorance of history.

One of many half truths: “Nearly 2 million Iraqi . . . children . . . died of a U.S.-imposed economic blockade.” It is a U.N. blockade, not U.S., and it allows Iraq to buy food and medicine for children. Saddam spent this money on palaces and weapons. So, why did the children die?

Unsubstantiated allegation: “What we know. . . multinational oil companies . . . divvied up Iraq’s oil reserves.” Who is “we?” Who are the companies? Some facts, please. Are Russian and French companies pumping Iraqi oil included?

Historical ignorance: “We will become the biggest, fattest target” if we attack. How much more of a target can we become for Middle Eastern fanatics who hate us, including Saddam? We did not act decisively when bin Laden first attacked our World Trade Center. Look at the consequences. Europe appeased Hitler. Look at the consequences. We failed to deliver an unconditional Gulf War defeat so we could rebuild a free Iraq for the children. Look at the consequences.

It is time for decisive military action, not peace marches!

Russell Steele

Nevada City

Nonviolence a state of ‘being’

I would like to thank The Union and Carol [Feineman] for publishing the information regarding the visit of Gaden Shartse Monks to the Grass Valley/Nevada City area.

As our government again seeks to wage war as an end to justify a means, we are fortunate to be able to offer our community a living representation of a nonviolent culture.

As the nonviolent teachings of Padmasambhava took hold in Tibet over the course of hundreds of years, the Tibetan warrior class literally laid down their weapons in pursuit of altruistic spiritual teachings. Legions of armies demilitarized to become legions of monks.

A great evolutionary experiment? The Tibetan people maintained a position of nonviolence in a war-torn Asia for over 1,000 years and are most worthy of our attention, as we strive for peaceful resolutions.

Nonviolence is a state of being. Peace is possible. One way or another, we are destined to evolve.

Melanie Sullivan

Sierra Friends of Tibet

Save gas, keep out of war

Let’s take our choices not only to the next cars we will purchase, but to our driving habits today. Leaving your car running while you run in to the post office or stop at the ATM machine causes unnecessary pollution, wastes 15 percent more gas than if you were driving, and keeps our nation dependent on foreign oil – hence increases our risk of going to war in the Middle East.

Turn your motor off and enjoy the few minutes of quiet, clean air. If you run into a friend on the road, pull over, turn off your car motor and have a nice chat. The gas you save today may keep our nation out of war tomorrow.

Jodi Selene

Penn Valley

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