Nevada County supervisors race |

Nevada County supervisors race

More to it than just property rights. I noticed many promoters of the downfall of NH 2020 are real estate or property investors. Also commercial prospective property owners on main thoroughfares seem eager to display signs against the measure.

Fast development for quick cash versus slower, sensible development of quality construction, recognizing that our future exists. So we decide: Is freedom selfish profiteering or community fortitude? We ask ourselves: Will a candidate who Beds well with big development campaign funds really be our voice if elected?

Urban sprawl causes water pollution!

Will Doleman

Grass Valley

In deciding whom to vote for in the supervisor races for Districts 3 and 4, think about how much money has been spent. In District 4, Izzy has outspent Robin by more than $100,000. That money could not have come from Nevada County. If re-elected, she will work for and answer to those donors. In District 3, Bruce has outspent Drew by $20,000, not nearly as alarming, but also probably not from Nevada County. Help restore local control of our Board of Supervisors. Vote for Robin Sutherland in District 4 and Drew Bedwell in District 3.



Grass Valley

I am a voter in District 3. I recently contacted Drew Bedwell to speak with him directly about his views, rather than get them second hand. I found him quite affable and willing to discuss issues. We agreed on many points, yet I came away feeling that he isn’t my choice to represent my voice on the Board of Supervisors. A supervisor must be concerned more with the functioning of the whole community, rather than simply individual rights. I believe Bruce Conklin has and will do a great job for the individuals of District 3.

Fran Foster

Grass Valley

Our county is at a political crossroads. Crossroads in choosing between a current government that believes government knows best, and a potential government that believes people know best. I watched with anxiety as our current county government divided the people, administered more laws, unnecessary regulations, expensive expenditures – all resulting in less freedom for the citizens.

The candidates who can restore balance to our local government and are focused on developing sustainable growth with education of the people are Robin Sutherland and Drew Bedwell. Education is a more powerful tool than regulations with more laws.

Vote Robin Sutherland and Drew Bedwell.

Bob Walker

Rough and Ready

Do you hear that whistle? It’s the distress signal from that financial Titanic called the state of California. What are the signs that we’re sinking? Our bond rating is the lowest of all 50 states. Our business climate is the worst of all 50 states. And our politicians in Sacramento are painting the state red with budget ink, $24 billion and counting.

Conklin and Martin are the county counterparts of that spending circus in Sacramento, and the consequences of their actions will hit home when the red ink starts flowing downhill.

Vote for Drew Bedwell on Nov. 5.



Grass Valley

If ever there was a reason needed to push me toward voting for one candidate over another, it was the article in The Union on Oct. 19 announcing Congressman John “Do Little” Doolittle’s endorsement of Bedwell and Sutherland.

That clinched it for me. I would urge the voters of Nevada County to vote for Conklin and Martin and against Measure Drew, and help keep Nevada County from becoming another Roseville.

Donald E. Minick

Grass Valley

What is the CABPRO-controlled Republican Central Committee afraid of? Why have they resorted to massive PAC funding for a federal endorsement of their candidates by Congressman Doolittle?

The answer is quite simple. CABPRO’s candidates, Bedwell and Sutherland, have absolutely no political platform that can be defended. Measure D has become an absolute disaster for them, so they have reached beyond the norm of our county’s citizens. So much for their spouting for local control!

The irony here is that the CABPRO platform is nothing more than the corporate takeover of our county by, you guessed it, Sierra Pacific Industries, with a federal opportunist behind them.



Nevada City

Gray Davis has supported [environmental] activism for too long. He must go!

Locally, Izzy Martin, former member of the Green party, has continually acted to stunt growth in our county and further the environmental cause. Her support of Lake Wildwood has been weak; e.g. in the recent legal dredging battle. That would explain why former LWA Board members support Robin Sutherland. Simply understand the potential, harmful impact of environmentalism, compare these two candidates on that issue, and you will have to agree that Martin must also go. Vote Sutherland.

Tom DeChaine

Penn Valley

I expressed concern to a friend about the numbers of people moving here. She said people moving here would be changed by the values of Nevada County, not the other way around. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?!

If so, it’s logical to vote for folks who represent qualities that draw people here – our versatile community, our willingness to support others, and the incredible beauty.

These values manifest in Izzy Martin and Bruce Conklin. Supervisors come and go, but values they represent influence the community for years to come. Vote values, vote quality. Vote for Nevada County. It’s still your county.

For now.

Terri Bianco

Nevada City

Regarding Elizabeth Martin’s handling of county funds, I would like to add my personal observation to the record.

Once upon a time, a Board of Supervisors’ meeting went overtime. I needed to reschedule a noon lunch reservation for Izzy and me. Having no change, I asked county staff to call for me. When I told Izzy, she flipped.

She admonished: “The lunch is personal. I never ask staff to phone, Xerox, or do anything that isn’t strictly county business.’

Whew. I learned my lesson. Hopefully, you will learn from my experience exactly how Izzy feels about spending our tax dollars.

Lee Hudson

Nevada City

Izzy Martin is remarkable. More remarkable is that so many do not seem to understand her or the “agenda.” The basic necessities of life are water, food and shelter. There are many who, through misguided ideals, deny many the need for shelter. NH 2020 was such an effort, cloaked in the mantle of altruism.

The environmental thrust for more open space drives land values beyond the point of affordable housing. The ugly specter of NIMBY-ism destroys the quality of life that many otherwise good people will deny the less fortunate. This disability leads to a destruction of family life and the violence that follows.

Bob Mitchell

Penn Valley

I am a former Nevada County public defender who disclosed the client abuse, waste of taxpayers’ money, and injustice that had existed in this county office.

There was one – only one – supervisor with the guts to defy deceitful county administrators and take on the unpopular task of reforming this out-of-control department: Bruce Conklin. Not one other supervisor would meet to talk about the problems.

If not for Bruce’s integrity, the board never would have done a darn thing about it.

We all need Bruce Conklin in office to listen and act when a whistleblower comes forth.

Anne Moore

Grass Valley

I have no idea what qualifies Robin Sutherland for supervisor. Robin has taken thousands of dollars from developers, and yet she denies it. She has had serious financial problems herself, and has denied that, too. If we can’t trust what Robin says as a candidate, why would we trust her as our supervisor?

Jeannette Witkofsky

Grass Valley

During the current District 4 campaign, it’s become clear that one candidate has the necessary qualities of excellence and the others simply don’t. Izzy Martin has done a superb job as supervisor. She has the integrity, background, sense of fiscal responsibility, energy, competence, and vision that this post requires. Her opponents have questionable ethics, flabby track records, and single-issue mindsets. Their willingness to mall and sprawl Nevada County is untenable.

It is imperative that honest, competent people be elected who will work to retain our county’s beauties while meeting its needs. Voters can assure themselves of this by voting for Izzy Martin.

Anna W. Reynolds

Nevada City

Call me selfish, but I want to spend my old age in my own home. That is why I’ve worked on the system of services in Nevada County that will do just that. Thanks to Izzy and Bruce and their ability to work with customers, nonprofits, and oodles of committees, we have succeeded. Nevada County has a model system that will help all of us seniors stay in our own homes. Let’s keep them working for us. Vote for Izzy and Bruce.

Mary E.


Nevada City

Izzy betrayed her constituency when she did the end run around Aanastad and lost our water rights to the Yuba River. Sutherland is like a breath of fresh air after Izzy’s antics.

Conklin professes to practice law, but anyone with an average IQ wouldn’t sign a contract like the one written by our county administrator. A blind man with one eye in his posterior wearing overalls could see the holes in this contract.

Antonson likes Wal Mart. He’s a sore loser and thinks crazy. Bedwell’s a decent sort, well-read in worldly affairs, and will give us honest and fair representation.

Don Williams

Grass Valley

I continue to be impressed with Izzy’s abilities as supervisor. She stands on her record, and rightfully so. She worked hard to balance the budget – it happened. Robin doesn’t seem to commit herself to much. She talks about her ideas but doesn’t seem to have a clue how to implement them. Izzy knows Nevada County and has done her best to preserve its rural quality and precious resources, as well as supporting growth and business ventures. She exhibits a tireless devotion to our area. Let’s keep her where she can continue to support us as our supervisor in District 4.

Judy Nichols

Penn Valley

As a nurse who welcomes new babies into this world, I place a great priority on sane and intelligent leadership and healthy communities. I encourage you to support Izzy Martin for supervisor. She has demonstrated the integrity, intelligence and compassion we need in troubled times.



Nevada City

What does Nevada County need in her future leadership? My personal answer: intelligence, knowledge, experience, with strong ties to both the land and the people. We have such a leader in Izzy Martin.

After a recent concert, Izzy met with a large group of us and answered hard questions ranging from growth and rural issues to social services and fiscal responsibility. Each answer was delivered with intelligence, heart, and passionate conviction. Izzy displayed all of the many qualities we look for in a leader and so rarely find. Izzy has truly earned our votes. Join me on Nov. 5.

Jennie Pope

Grass Valley

It’s not just a scheme by those who’ll profit from unbridled development ($10,000 SPI contribution to Bedwell campaign; $28,000 contribution from an “unspecified source”). It’s also old fashioned, party-line politics.

Hence, the mailer sporting all those Republican politicians lending an endorsement to someone who advocates the highly unpopular Measure D, and who opposes every community-oriented issue not promising the “right” to personal gain.

Voting along party lines, instead of examining the critical issues which impact all residents, is a damaging way to elect a local official.

Hopefully, most Republicans will rise above this superficiality.



Grass Valley

From our first-hand experience in the CalFed study with Izzy Martin, we are concerned she will not work to save Englebright Dam. Her continued support of the CalFed Upper Yuba River Study represents a serious threat to the needs and wishes of Nevada County residents, not to mention her disregard for the taxpayers.

SYRCL’s original proposal for CalFed funding ($191,000) escalated in four years to the present allocation of $6.7 million for “Phase II” of the study, which takes dead aim at Englebright dam. If Englebright matters to you, vote Sutherland.

Tom Borden, George Leipzig, Bill and

Marilyn Stanford

Penn Valley

Robin Sutherland is my candidate. I have seen and listened to all three candidates running for District 4 supervisor. Two of them would do or say anything just to be in office and have power over the people. On the other hand, Robin sutherland impressed me as a person who currently sees the county government neglecting the people. She wants to represent all the people, and not some special interests or eco-extremist agenda. Vote for Robin.

Don R. Schlenze

Penn Valley

We allowed deregulation of our energy industry and got scammed by corporate pirates like Enron. We permitted deregulation of our auto industry regarding fuel efficiency and have since paid dearly, in money and lives, for our Arabian oil addiction. Now we have Bedwell, Sutherland, and their secret big money supporters asking us to effectively deregulate land development in our county by making regulations too expensive to enforce under Measure D. Let’s make the right decision for once. Keep Nevada County beautiful by voting no on Measure D: not just an “open box,” but a Trojan horse for the sprawl lobby.

Bruce Talbot

Nevada City

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