Nevada County New Year’s Haikus |

Nevada County New Year’s Haikus

Each New Year, The Union asks its readers to share their thoughts about life in Nevada County in the form of a haiku, a small poem with oriental meter that appeared in 16th century Japan. Originally very popular in Japan, the form has spread around the world. Usually it has three lines and 17 syllables distributed in 5, 7 and 5. Here are our readers’ haikus for New Year’s 2002:

My forest shining,

its roots, parched, drink deeply

of longed for rain.

Olivia Diaz

Nevada City

Brunswick looms monumental

Twenty Twenty dies

History repeats itself

Tony Hardwick

Nevada City

Whoa Sho Kaneko!

a Japanese boy in town

welcome to the States.

Vicki Lake

Grass Valley

See ponders journey

Through sun, to bloom and fruit

But now stays warm in cold

Anne B. Spatz

Nevada City

Women in black stand

Silently hoping for peace.

Join them in spirit.

Lights blink on and off

Then there’s no electricity.

Does life get simpler?

Football, basketball,

Tennis, volleyball and golf.

Sports dominate news.

Harold Blickenstaff

Nevada City

Raindrop rimmed berries

Clusters shaking in the gusts

Ringing in the year

Rosy foam river

Bubbling through the old orchards

On Applewood Lane

My God is your God

Is the earth not a circle?

Your God is my God

Cheryl Cook

Nevada City

Barren trees abound

Misty boughs against the grey

Silent shade anon

Larry Cook

Nevada City

Pines veiled in the mist

Wind whispers then wildly roars

Winter sings its song.

Driving down the roads

Houses, yards twinkle brightly

My childheart sings, soars.

Majestic sunrise

Beckons me outdoors at dawn

God’s glorious morn.

Fantastic sunsets

Each an original work

Free n no cover charge!

Your backyard the stage

Watching wild birds feed and bathe

Life’s simple pleasures.

Joan Horton

Grass Valley

The flowers of spring

Will bring radiant colors

To our fair hamlet

Peace advocates work

To build consensus against

Our country at war

Wonderful progress

Being made along Mill Street

Project nears the end.

Alice Munkelt

Grass Valley

Raining and snowing

Winter here, wind is blowing

Looking for summer

Sky is gray as slate

Lake is muddy, cold and dark

Wishing for summer

Turkeys scratching dirt

Deer munching precious flowers

Lake Wildwood scene

Puppy is restless

Too cold for playing outside

Back to the toy box

Norman and

Charlotte Nelson

Penn Valley

Sunrise is creeping –

Shadows retreating – So it

begins – A new day!

Debi Sekerak

Nevada City

Sugar pine steeples

Through which the earth’s kyries

Taper to heaven

Fifty crows take off

The eucalyptus shudders

Black epiphany

Floating in the pond

The broken moon surrounds you

Star facing lover

Frost on the windows

Slippered feet slide down the hall

Fireplace still has coals

Behind the pine tops

Orion chases Taurus

Every winter night

In disjointed light

Twirling silently downwards

Maple pod flutters

Three boys with slingshots

Tree fort sways in the branches

Not far from frog pond

Swimming at midnight

Silver ripples leave your wake

Star facing lover

Brian J. Smith

Grass Valley

Hands full of flowers

She pushes the Cross button

With her elbow

Warm breeze in cookpots

Slung at our blue Yuba camp –


Trailing the haytruck

Up highway twenty

In a stream of straw flakes

Craig Steiger

Nevada City

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