Nevada County bus tour trivia |

Nevada County bus tour trivia

On Sept. 27, area residents participated in a bus tour highlighting export manufacturing businesses in Nevada County. Here are some trivia questions from the tour:

1. The Nevada County Airport was built in 1932 by __________, owner of the Idaho Maryland Mine, to fly gold to Mills Field, which today is _______________. The gold shipments were frequently robbed during ground transportation.

2. In 1956, who gifted the airport land to Nevada County?

3. 2Wire, which employs approximately 35 people in Nevada City, is actually headquartered in ______. It is the ________ hub of the company.

4. What is the name of the only single-story building planned for the Nevada City Tech Center?

5. What is Ensemble Design’s largest government installation?

6. In what part of the world is Ensemble Designs’ equipment manufactured?

7. What is the name of the lunchroom at Ensemble Designs?

8. Ensemble has job openings in two departments at this time. Name one.

9. Why is the company named “Ensemble”?

10. Name a type of heater that Benchmark Thermal manufactures.

11. What major market does Benchmark Thermal supply heaters to?

12. What year was Maier Manufacturing founded?

13. In today’s market, Maier Manufacturing’s sales are higher in motorcycles or ATVs?

14. How many students attend Nevada County public and charter schools?

15. Our schools employ more than ____ teachers and ____ classified staff members.

16. Who sponsored the tour of Nevada County?


1. Errol McBoyle, San Francisco International Airport

2. Charles Litton (Litton Industries)

3. San Jose, engineering

4.Liberty Hill Executive Condominiums.

5. NASA Kennedy Space Center.

6. Nevada City, California

7. Cafe Ensemble.

8. Sales or Engineering.

9. Because it puts all of the parts together.

10. Tubular, flexible or cartridge heaters.

11. OEM

12. 1972

13. ATVs

14. 13,000

15. 700, 700

16.The Nevada County Economic Resource Council (ERC)

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