Nevada County 2001 – in haiku |

Nevada County 2001 – in haiku

On each New Year’s Day, we ask our readers to share their thoughts about life in Nevada County in the form of haikus. Here are there words about this special place.

Mossy pyramids

In Brunswick, huge banyan drips

No concrete in roots

Karen E. Allen

Grass Valley

Nevada City

Under a blanket of snow

Still warm to the heart

Robert G. Cross


A tragedy strikes,

Our small community hurts,

Together we’ll heal.

Tom Hopkins

Nevada City

Tight knot of winter

kitty curled warm on my lap

dreaming of summer

Sandra Rockman

Nevada City

hot july sun

birds feed, lizard scurries,

nuthatch walks down tree

Barbara J. Williams

Grass Valley

In the street ice clumps

dropped by warm metal monsters

melt now turning black

C.J. Winters

Grass Valley

emeralds falling

butterflies are fluttering

all in Grass Valley

Kayla Martling

Eighth grade, Magnolia School

snow peaks rising high

amidst pine breezes blowing

Sierra winter

Mim Meakin

Grass Valley

Wynton Marsalis

What a coup for our county

We are truly jazzed!

Joan Horton

Grass Valley

tents hang from ceiling,

notes scrape, slide across the soul

marsalis – with jazz

Deanna Allen

Grass Valley

Old friends sing carols

To neighbors one frosty night

What a gift of love

Dorene “Dodie” Johnston

Grass Valley

I was very scared

The Twin Towers are gone now

Our hearts are gone too

Mikeal Ollar

fifth grade, Deer Creek School

driving into town

seeing blue tarps on all sides

roofers caught by storms

Teddy Kell

Rough and Ready


make them and resolve to keep them

better than before

Judy Nichols

Nevada City

Nevada County

Quiet heroes all around

But not unnoticed

Wendy Cain

Penn Valley

The classroom was dark

Shots echoed throughout the town

It was cold and quiet

Jason Carrara

fifth grade, Deer Creek School

Wet trash burns next door

and black fumes possess crossroads

paradise impaired

C.J. Winters

Grass Valley

Giants in their might

Cold bird nest and snow clinging

We came for the trees

Candy Leach

Grass Valley

Pipes freeze, children wheeze

But sun droplets melt on snow

Settle into peace

Anne Spatz

Nevada City

Bennett Street walk paved

Lines precise and beautiful

No mud on shoes, wow!

Alice Munkelt

Grass Valley

Kids! Stop all that noise

Will I ever get some peace

years go by come back

Linda Wasil

Grass Valley

Four a.m. ice storm

Caltrans trucks scraping, sanding

Mobility mine

Charmaine Emerald

Nevada City

frosty and sunny

smells like flowers and popcorn

downtown Grass Valley

by Kayla Martling

eighth grade, Magnolia School

cars slow to a crawl

westward interstate highway

homes are awaiting

Barbara J. Williams

Grass Valley

One camper warns us

“This is where they bring bad bears

From Oregon Creek.”

Craig Steiger

Nevada City

(who camped at Bowman Lake)

Early rain and snow,

Heavy winds extinguish lights

Their return warms us

Harold Blickenstaff

Nevada City

Gray mists that hover

Seeking warmth from naked trees

One day like another

Larry Cook

Nevada City


Searching for my relatives

Both living and dead

John Bohnert

Grass Valley

The Cascade Canal

giving pleasure to many

its future in doubt

Ralph Hitchcock

Nevada City

’70 Valiant

parked under fluorescent glare

driver on cell phone

David Unterman

Grass Valley

Wet potholes deepen

Our neglected streets worsen

Maintenance not done

Bryan King

Nevada City

Wonderful viewing

Oak branches with orange yellow leaves

Ground covered with brown mulch

Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. O’Dwyer

Grass Valley

Bullies say no lights

Christmas shine gone for the poor

Where has free speech gone?

Melanie K. Wellner

Grass Valley

horses, cut-up legs

bad fences, have to fix them

have to pay vet bill

by Jennifer Miller

eighth grade, Magnolia School

we carefully place

bright sparkly balls on the tree

a smiling cat waits

David Unterman

Grass Valley

Winter comes and goes

With its freshly fallen snow

Suddenly, it’s gone

David Hardy

Nevada City

I hate the darkness

It was cold, quiet and harsh,

I smelled the cold wind

Nick Aiello

fifth grade, Deer Creek School

Leonid meteors

Night sky filled with falling stars

Heaven’s wonderment

Diane Bishop

Grass Valley

Candles at breakfast

Outside the storm rages, roars,

Inside – pecan pie!

Susan Hopkins

Nevada City

river runs nonstop

sound rolls and tumbles rocks, down

sleep comes before night

Susan Michalski

Grass Valley

Storybook clouds float

Above the singing steeples

Pine tree horizon

Brian J. Smith

Grass Valley

Early morning mist

Tufts of fur on kitten ears

Trim the mountain tops

Cheryl Cook

Nevada City

Clouds veil the treetops

A sunbeam points to the ground

Fingertip of spring

Eric Jarvis Thribb

Nevada City

The birds will flutter

Flowers bloom, the New Year’s here

The sun will still shine

Ron Lowe

Nevada City

trampoline flip fun

unless you’re very stupid

and then you’ll get hurt

by Thomas Jeglund

seventh grade, Magnolia School

Woodpeckers in the attic

Tapping out Morse code

Come spring they will fly away

Eleanor B. O’Connell

Grass Valley

cold rain is falling

vfw is warm

jazz cats are in town

Marlyssa Hart-West

Grass Valley

Terrorists hurt us

But we still stand very strong

Terrorists won’t win

Chris Rector

fifth grade Deer Creek School

Two thousand two is

Near brave cities rise from fear

Together amen

Joanna I. Stidham

Grass Valley

Soft downy blanket.

Warm cocoa. Toasty muffin.

Afghan babes starving.

Charity Bryson

Nevada City

looming frosted peaks

putrid odors with a view

that’s McCourtney dump

Susan B. Reynolds

teacher, Magnolia School

The New Year is here

Let us love, let’s live in peace

Let the fighting cease

Valerie Lowe

Nevada City

winter holiday

dogs by stove, chair by window

time to watch turkeys

Deanna Allen

Grass Valley

Property rights’ views

made a supe glad bull don’t stick

as land loss fears grew

David Briceno

Grass Valley

dirt grass mud cement

dirt bikes snowboard skateboard skates

town in the mountains

Jeff Langes

eighth grade, Magnolia School

breathe clean air, no way

when neighbors burn trash and leaves

breathe big smoke, bad air

Melanie K. Wellner

Grass Valley

Snow dropped from the sky.

The air was cool and nippy.

ground looked like a cloud.

Justin Noxon

fifth grade, Deer Creek School

the evening rain stops

I step over dark puddles

filled with wavy stars

Brian J. Smith

Grass Valley

quality of life

we work to make it better

they rent a u-haul

Dean Williams

Grass Valley

Gold miners of yore

Would find these towns of today

Beyond wildest dreams

Eleanor B. O’Connell

Grass Valley

highway forty-nine

new stoplights keep appearing

but they don’t stop growth

Daren Wiley

Alta Sierra

Where passing snowplows

Have scraped the Pasquale curves

Blackbirds are pecking

Craig Steiger

Nevada City

first the birds harvest

the apples twenty feet up

then they get the rest

David Unterman

Grass Valley

spring is everywhere

seen from the moving car

blowing grass glistens

Barbara J. Williams

Grass Valley

first snows on blacktop

flatlanders slide into ditch

Ha! – but we slide too

Teddy Kell

Rough and Ready

Heavy snow falling

Branches breaking … power out

Sierra silence.

Charmaine Emerald

Nevada City

summer sunny warm

a horse runs gallops canters

a perfect evening

Stephanie Belnap

eighth grade, Magnolia School

Dark clouds glide through space

Paint the earth in shades of gray

Rain pools reflecting

Alice Munkelt

Grass Valley

bubbles in clear glass

hope rising in grass valley

dawn of a new year

Marlyssa Hart-West

Grass Valley

This is my home town:

Small, friendly, rural, wooded

Help keep it that way

Dorene “Dodie” Johnston

Grass Valley

Yowling in the night

with fur scattered on the lawn

pussycat romance

C.J. Winters

Grass Valley

What a place to live!

Its beauty fills me with joy

And what friendly folk!

Joan Horton

Grass Valley

tigers snowboarding

as snowflakes are falling down

in Grass Valley town

Alan Robbins

eighth grade, Magnolia School

I tote and stack logs.

Hard work, body too hot, sweat pours

Logs burn, winter warmth.

Diane Bishop

Grass Valley

Scent of leaves fallen

Moldy. Musty. Hints of life.

Now asleep forever

Larry Cook

Nevada City

Many hope for peace,

But bombs continue to fall.

Silent vigils speak.

Harold Blickenstaff

Nevada City

rain is falling down

fall is now gone let it rain

let Grass Valley shine

Brandon Barbic

seventh grade, Magnolia School

all leave work at five

highway roils with raging snow

i love suv

Deanna Allen

Grass Valley

flashing sky of light

luminating oak trees’ dance

acorns hit the ground

Stephanie Ruff

Grass Valley

Happy New Year all!

Be thankful for where you live,

And where you do not.

Wendy Cain

Penn Valley

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