Needs may exceed resources |

Needs may exceed resources

Mr. MacKenzie, in your letter you’ve cleverly called Mr. Vincent “Vincent BinLaden.” If that applies, as you insist, then certainly you would be glad to accept the name “Saddam MacKenzie,” as your own letter is so full of intolerance and hate as to deserve this title.

Mr. MacKenzie you stated, “you prefer the democratic process that includes a collaborative effort.” Do you also realize that a democratic process also includes free speech and the ability to your own belief system? And in terms of collaborative efforts Mr. MacKenzie, what is your opinion on the NH 2020 collaborative effort? Or on the salmon restoration collaborative effort? Or on the forest restoration collaborative efforts? You state, “We need to continue working together to protect our resources and provide for OUR needs.” Mr. MacKenzie do you realize the OUR needs are so many that at one point OUR resources will not sustain us?

I do believe that Mr. MacKenzie has some good recommendations for cleaning up the environment. A few of these include:

— Reducing logging, grazing and mining in areas that threaten our water supply;

— Stop farming with herbicides and pesticides;

— Break up all roads that are no longer being used;

— Take down obsolete dams;

— Build all homes and structures in areas where existing infrastructure is in place;

— Obliterate all non-native species (can you imagine walking through a field with no star thistle or scotch broom?);

— Plant native species;

— Reintroduce those species that were obliterated by humans;

— And then, after the work is complete, educate humans on how to live in harmony with their surroundings!

We are supposed to be the most intelligent species on this planet – it’s time we start acting like it!

Cara Garvey

founder of M.O.R.E.

(Mothers Opposing Right-wing Extremists)

Nevada City

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