MY TOP TEN: Pat and Tim Moule, 53, of Grass Valley |

MY TOP TEN: Pat and Tim Moule, 53, of Grass Valley

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Identical twins Pat and Tim Moule, were born and raised in Grass Valley, where they still share a house. They work at Moule Paint and Glass on East Main Street. We asked them to name the Top 10 things about being identical twins.

1. “I can blame everything on him,” Tim said.

2. “Probably the best thing is you have a built-in buddy,” Tim said.

3. “I play jokes on him. He plays jokes on me. We kid with each other,” Tim said.

4. The brothers don’t drive; they get around on the Gold Country Stage. Sometimes one brother will get off at one stop and the other brother will board the same bus at a different stop and “people ask us, how do you get from there to there so fast? Confuses people,” Pat said.

5. “Someone to take you out to dinner,” Tim said.

6. “We used to go on trips together, all over the place,” Tim said.

7. “If you get in a hassle with one, you’ve got the other one of them to deal with,” joked co-worker Jim “C.J.” Landrith.

8. A Twin Days Festival, a national gathering of identical twins, is held annually, and “we could go to the twin thing … if we wanted to,” Tim said.

9. “I guess if we wanted to, we could go to an event like the fair and only pay once for the both of us,” Pat said. “Never tried it,” Tim said.

10. “We get attention. That’s all right. People are always asking us if we’re twins. I always tell them that he came first and God was so disgusted, he had to make me,” Tim said.

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