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My dissent

Chuck Carlson

I have 200 words to declare my dissent. Most of the world, as indicated by many foreign news agencies, heard Condi Rice say in part, ” … the United States has no plans to attack Iran at this point.” As my interpretation is and as most foreign nations did, ” … at this point” means not now, but maybe later if Iran doesn’t do what we want them to. Many Americans are not into listening or hearing that closely. May I now go on record as declaring my DISSENT. I disagree with the Bush policies of considering to declare another pre-emptive war on another country. I will most likely now be barred from witnessing any speech by President Bush as five writers of opinions did in the Fargo, N.D., newspaper for expressing their disagreements with the Bush policies. Both General Electric and Halliburton are now pulling out of Iran. Hmmm. Wonder what that’s all about? Made it, 179 words.

Chuck Carlson

Cedar Ridge


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