Mr. President, stand for freedom and equality |

Mr. President, stand for freedom and equality

Dear Mr. President: I am appalled at your attitude on Iraq. While something may need to be done about Iraq, your attitude and the way you are going about it is exactly why Muslims don’t like us and want to do things such as crash planes into our buildings. They see us a bullies who want to push our beliefs and views on the rest of the world, no matter what the consequences are or without any consideration of any one else.

It is arrogant, irresponsible and just plain wrong to treat the world in the manner you are currently endeavoring to do. How can you say you believe in freedom and what our government stands for and then try to ram what you want down everyone’s throats? How is that in any way worthy of a leader of the United States?

My greatest fear is that by insisting on going to war with Iraq, without proving the need or getting support and help from the rest of the world, you will force us all into a war bigger than you can even imagine. I am afraid it will be the dreaded third world war.

Imagine it this way: Russia, China, South Africa and the entire Middle East feel that what we are doing is so wrong they are put in a position that forces them to side with Iraq. Russia and China have already said they will veto. South Africa is calling us enemies of peace and suggesting we (in this case, you) need to be stopped.

Or maybe they don’t step in. Maybe our actions just force Suddam to actually develop a bomb and use it where, if we didn’t force the issue, he may never have pursued such drastic actions.

Please, Mr. President, don’t be the bully the rest of the world is starting to think America is. Stand for freedom and equality, the kind that means others have the right to disagree with us and we respect that.

Savra Frounfelker

Grass Valley

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