Mouthing church platitudes |

Mouthing church platitudes

Many early cultures had purification rituals for people who came too close to the sources of life-power: women who gave birth and people who tended to the dead.

The Catholic Church had a “purification” ritual for women, usually a ceremony performed 40 days after a baby’s birth. Yet the church never had a purification ritual for soldiers who had murdered people. Since killing is considered a major sin, why did the church never purify the killers, while taking a perfectly natural act such as childbirth and demanding that women submit to being cleansed?

We mouth the platitude that only god can determine life and death; but even as I write these words some man is murdering someone, somewhere on this earth.

Every governing body in the world, nearly every religious organization, and armies have given themselves the right to murder other people. However, the minute women abort their unplanned fetuses, the world rises in righteous wrath to denounce such acts. Why? Why do men believe that they can usurp god’s powers and decide who will live and die, but women are not allowed to do so?

The other question I have is this: Do women always get to decide whether or not to have a sexual act performed upon their bodies? Are they always able to say yes or no and to be obeyed by men?

Miriam Saliba

Grass Valley

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