Mother sees tough side of Iraq war |

Mother sees tough side of Iraq war

Last year I sent my son to war. During the seven months he was in Iraq, he experienced fierce combat, lost friends to death and injury, saw and did things that no human being should ever have to see or do – things he’ll have to live with for the rest of his life. He was barely 18 years old.

It was the worst seven months of my life. Every morning I woke up grateful that no one had come knocking on my door during the night. The crunch of tires on gravel or headlights shining through the window caused the entire family to hold its breath until the unknown vehicle passed by our drive.

Each and every day was a struggle to maintain some sense of order and sanity while knowing my child was in harm’s way. Sleep was something to do only when the body gave out and couldn’t stay awake any longer. It wasn’t until he was back on U.S. soil last September that I was able to get a full night’s sleep and not flinch every time I heard a car drive down the lane.

My peace was short-lived. He was home less than a month before the battalion was told they’d be going back. For the better part of a year, I’ve been living with the dread of going through this nightmare again. His deployment draws near. Sometime in the next month or so, I’ll be sending my son to war for the second time.

Recently I nailed a John Kerry poster and a yellow ribbon to a tree on my property. Nailed it securely. As an American, I have the right of free speech, and as the mother of a Marine, I’ve more than earned the right to my opinion that the current leadership of this country has got to change.

Within a matter of days, the sign was missing, stolen by someone who has no respect for the rights and freedoms my son has sworn to protect.

I have a few questions for this person, so quick to show his support of Mr. Bush. How many letters and care packages have you sent to Iraq to show your support for the troops? How many letters of condolence have you written to the over 900 families who’ve lost a son or daughter, father, brother, mother, sister in this idiotic war? How many mothers have you comforted with your words and actions of support?

Your behavior leaves little doubt as to your character. Do you really think violating my rights, trespassing on my property and stealing from me exemplifies the “values” and “moral clarity” your party is so quick to claim?

I have no doubt you call yourself a patriot, but the truth is, you’re nothing more than a thief. Shame, shame on you.


Susan Porter is a resident of Nevada City.

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