More of your election views |

More of your election views

Some politicians, representatives, public servants, care about their constituents … the whole constituency. Some are just in it to push their own ideas and make lots of money. John Doolittle hasn’t learned a thing about the environment. (He got a zero on the environmental rating) and he is not even a true conservative. He’s a Republican only and apparently in it for the money. I’ve written him some letters and his replies, form replies, showed me he’s made up his mind and doesn’t really care what I think. Charlie Brown seems to really want to do some good. I hope he doesn’t become a Democrat.

Don Madden

Grass Valley


People have problems and make bad choices that cause them to end up in court. Nevada County has an excellent judicial system because it first tries to deal with the problem. It has created programs like Juvenile Drug Court, the Mental Health Court and Adult Drug Court that work together with the court to solve the problem. An example is Proposition 36’s success ratio of 65 percent while the state average is 35 percent. Tom Anderson has worked with all of these and helped to develop some of them. As judge, he will tackle the problem first. With Anderson’s extensive experience he will have the judgment to weight the evidence and will not hesitate to incarcerate when it’s needed. Judgment and experience are what you get with Anderson.

Mary Tucker

Nevada City


Tom Anderson is running a 100 percent local, grassroots campaign, assisted by 902 volunteers/supporters. His opponent has spent nearly $150,000. Here’s what money can’t buy:

– Tom Anderson was voted best qualified by the Nevada County Bar Association.

– Tom Anderson has been jointly endorsed by all sitting Nevada County judges and has earned the endorsement of former judges Ersel Edwards and William Skillman.

– Tom Anderson has the endorsement of the Nevada County Superior Court employees.

– Tom Anderson has integrity and the correct judicial temperament.

Together, let’s usher in a new judge who is experienced in running an effective, no-nonsense courtroom and respects all people.

Joey Jordan

Rough and Ready


I have known Ray Shine for more than 50 years. I even attended his graduation ceremony from the University of California’s Boalt Hall School of Law. After graduation, Shine returned to Nevada County to practice law. He has done so for over 32 years. Shine is an individual whose honesty and integrity is beyond reproach. Shine has served his country and Nevada County in many ways. The following is just a sample:

– First Lieutenant, U.S. Army Reserve

– Seventeen years as a Nevada County Judge, pro tem, arbitrator and mediator.

– Thirty-two years private practice in Nevada County.

– Thirty-two years of trial experience in civil and criminal cases.

– Founding member of Nevada County Legal Aid

– Founding member of Nevada County Legal Assistance, Inc.

– Pro bono work for more than 28 Nevada County nonprofit organizations.

– A past member of the Nevada County School Board.

Ray has been the Newton’s family attorney for the past 30 years. He is a personal friend. He understands the needs and will fairly represent the people in Nevada County. Like everything else he has done in his life. Ray Shine will be an outstanding Superior Court judge.

Bill Newton

Nevada City


In 2005, the Supreme Court shocked Americans when it ruled that private property can be taken for development under “eminent domain.” This was a stunning ruling striking the heart out of protection for private property rights and would affect mostly the small landowner or the resident on the edge of commercial areas.

Multimillionaire developers Howard Rich and Howard Ahmanson have placed a very deceptive proposition on the ballot, Proposition 90, and are claiming this proposition will fix the Supreme Court ruling. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If Prop 90 passes, anyone can demand a “pay-out” if their project is rejected no matter how frivolous. The money that will be used to pay them off is your tax dollars. Prop 90 is essentially a form of legalized extortion.

Prop 90 would threaten public funding for nearly every aspect of our lives including cutting funding for fire and police departments, teachers, libraries, and other public services. It will gut essential environmental protections. No Proposition in the history of California has such a huge coalition of organizations against it including the Sierra Club and the Farm Bureau. Vote NO on Proposition 90. For more information see

Virginia Moran

Grass Valley


If you think you will be helping parents deal with their kids’ sexuality issues by voting for Proposition 85, think again. This initiative would create a new state amendment to inform parents when a minor is seeking an abortion. Wouldn’t it be better to provide parents with knowledge and expert advice on how to maintain open communications with their children before such a problem arises? Wouldn’t it be more productive to focus on convincing teens not to engage in sexual activity prematurely? Wouldn’t it be more practical to give parents the tools they need to advise their children before an unintended pregnancy occurs about how to prevent it? We at Nevada County Citizens for Choice believe so. That is why, during October, National Family Sexuality Education Month, we sponsored workshops for parents on how to talk to their kids about sex. Fostering family communication ” now, there’s a real strategy to prevent abortions and protect teens. For additional information about NFSEM and to order free informational pamphlets, you may go to our Web site at or call us at 274-3331.

Elaine Sierra

Grass Valley


Approaching Sierra College Drive roundabout, a sign proudly suggests that you “Start your future here.” Ironically, my attempts to move into a biological research career were thwarted by Sierra College’s lack of adequate classroom space and sections of basic biology courses. All four introductory biology courses become full early during propriety registration of continuing students. This semester, twice as many students as could be accommodated tried to enroll in the four sections of microbiology that were offered.

This situation has repeated for years, and is not unique to Sierra College; it also happens at Sacramento State and to some extent at UC-Davis. This is clearly unconscionable in these times. The ongoing biological revolution is changing the world, mostly for the better, and California could be at the center of it. We supported the stem cell research initiative, but have allowed our colleges and universities to devolve.

Proposition 1D on this ballot would provide $10.4 billion in bonds to build public education facilities, such as a new science building desperately needed on Sierra College’s Rocklin campus. Senator Sam Aanestad and Assemblyman Rick Keene are opposed. Please vote yes on 1D and vote for Aanestad’s and Keene’s opponents.

Ted Toal

Nevada City


Millions are being spent to try to defeat Propositions 86 and 87 with sham like names to make them sound like grass-roots organizations. Most money opposing Prop. 86 comes from Phillip Morris and R.J. Reynolds. Against Prop. 87, Chevron is providing most of the money since they own huge numbers of oil wells in this state.

Your life might well depend on the passage of Prop. 86. Why? Taxes raised by Prop. 86 go for health care and a substantial amount go to help keep hospital emergency rooms from closing.

Prop. 87 will not increases oil prices. If the world price of oil is $60 a barrel, the severance tax from oil pumped in-state would be $3.60. Most of California’s oil comes from old wells that made money when oil sold for $2.50 a barrel. Chevron and other California producers will continue to pump oil unless production costs come near the going price per barrel. If you owned an oil well and it cost you $10 to pump it out of the ground, would you stop pumping because of a $3.60 a barrel tax? Do the math. It’s the oil well owners, mostly owned by big oil, who made the huge profits while ripping us off with $3-plus a gallon gas.

William J Toensing

Nevada City


Do local governments need sales tax rate hikes and the state need new taxes on our election ballot? Don’t they face higher expenses and need more taxes? Simply, no. Tax systems are such that if you get a raise, they do too. (And if you don’t, why should they?)

Inflation increases prices so you pay more for goods. Thus government brings in more sales tax. If you get a raise, you spend more, so government takes in more. Area growth brings expenses, but it also brings revenue to government. More people, houses, businesses, that big hotel/convention center in Grass Valley ” they’ll all bring tax money. Government always gets their cut.

You have to live within your means, and government should too. But they always want a bigger slice of your pie. It takes away from what you have to live on. A little hike one year, a little the next. Government projects are good, but they keep coming and need to be budgeted for within ongoing means.

Governments receive more dollars all the time but they don’t need a bigger share of what taxpayers earn all the time. Vote no on tax rate hikes and new taxes.

Lee Maxwell

Nevada City


I am writing to ask the individual(s) who removed my two re-election campaign signs from the corner of Via Vista and Ridge Road to return them to me. I am seeking re-election as the Trustee Area 1 candidate to the Nevada Joint Union High School District Board of Trustees. Unlike the majority of political candidates who have committees or friends funding their election efforts, I am running as an independent and as such, I am funding my campaign out of my own pocket. As an independent, I am without the burdens of influence that can come with campaign contributions.

One of my signs was in place less than 12 hours and the other for several days prior to its removal. I’m assuming that the individual(s) who removed my signs disagrees with my philosophy on the board. While you have a right to disagree with me, you are violating my freedom of speech rights and my ability to convey my message to the voters. And in the process of removing my signs, you are committing a crime.

In the interest of fairness, I sincerely request that you return my campaign signs to their original location. Thank you.

Corinne Parilo

Nevada City


The next time the news reports that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger “ignored” important questions of his critics, consider this. I watched these hacks operate with the media’s full cooperation. I recently attended the Cyber Safety Summit where our governor appeared supporting the efforts of keeping kids safe from internet predators. He was engaging, sincere and ensured the young people present knew he was there for them. After speaking, Schwarzenegger took time to engage everyone, shake hands and thank them for being there.

As the governor left the building but the cameras were still on, a man who had quietly stood by suddenly yelled so loud at the now departed governor. He got full attention of the cameras and reporters and went on a scripted, unchallenged talking point rant. He turned out to be Bob Mulholland, campaign advisor to Phil Angelides, and he went on and on about being there to confront the governor. Well, there certainly was no confrontation since the governor was long gone before he had the guts to speak. That night the local news reported that the governor ignored critical questions. I can only hope some day our electorate is smarter than these political hacks.

Brian O’Brien

Grass Valley


Recently, I have heard several strategists insist that this election has nothing to do with Nancy Pelosi. Oh yes it does! If the Democrats take over the House, Pelosi becomes Speaker of the House. Remember your civics class? If anything happens to the president, (and Pelosi would love to see him impeached), then the Vice-President becomes President. If something happens to him, the Speaker of the House becomes President. Talk about a nightmare. While Nancy Pelosi was demanding an investigation of Mark Foley, she was proudly marching in the Gay Pride Parade, behind NAMBLA, the North American Man Boy Love Association. Though I condemn Foley’s actions, how is it that a teenage girl has a “right to privacy” to have an abortion without parental consent but a 17 year old boy is a “child”? Pelosi approves amnesty for “Illegals,” opposes securing our borders, opposes parental consent for a minor’s abortion, and approves same-sex “marriage.” Both parties have many “sinners,” but at least the Republican party gives us a better chance to clean up our country. Vote as many Democrats, as possible, out of office.

Jo Ann Muetterties

Grass Valley


Today, we as a nation will be voting for Democracy and accountability.

Do we want to have a unitary Executive Branch that breaks, re-interprets and dictates to the Legislative Branch what the laws should be for the Executive Branch or have three equal branches of government?

As Americans we do not condone:

1. A unitary Executive Branch (Dictatorship);

2. Misleading our nation into war;

3. Ignoring then lying about warnings that al-Qaida was determined to strike the U.S.;

4. Lying about using warrants to spy on Americans as we were being spied upon without warrants;

5. Censuring our media, which is now ranked 53rd in the world for free speech;

6. Lying about secret torture prisons around the world only to find out later we do have Stalin-like Gulags in Europe and Middle East;

7. Passing bills that strip Habeas Corpus and allowing detainee’s to be tortured;

Today is where we vote back checks and balances into the Legislative Branch.

Today is the day where party loyalty ends and loyalty to Democracy and the United States of America begins once again.

Ben Emery

Nevada City


I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Rush Limbaugh attacking Michael J Fox. As a person who has Parkinsons, I can tell you that dyskinesias, involuntary movements, are no fun. In fact, they are awful. If Michael didn’t take his medications to prove a point then more power to him. This man and his foundation have done more than anyone else for research into this terrible disease. Every cent the Michael J. Fox foundation takes in goes to research. I wonder what Limbaugh has done for anyone? I can’t tolerate arrogant people who make stupid comments like that. In short, Michael J. Fox is a true hero to all of us “parkies.”

Ed Hayden

Nevada City


To all of you campaign managers out there, I thoroughly resent you invading my privacy by calling my home phone with your spiels.

I don’t care if you are Republican and Democrat. I especially resent it when you call in the evening. It is bad enough that my mailbox is full of junk.

Alice Cobb

Grass Valley


Notice to politicians: Stop the annoying phone messages.

It was unconscionable but not surprising that politicians exempted themselves from the Do Not Call lists.

Each election season, the intrusive recorded-message calls get worse. I am now getting several per day. Enough already. Knock it off. Don’t you idiots realize that you are annoying the very people that you want to vote for you or your cause?

The very worst, which should be illegal, is the trick of grabbing the phone line so that the receiver cannot disconnect the call. I was trying to make an outgoing call and a very, very long message just kept going like the energizer bunny. I could not break the connection, even waiting five-10 seconds after hanging up. What if I had an emergency and you were denying me access to my phone line? Why is this practice even legal? Or is it?

Vote no on any person or any cause that abuses your personal phone line with these obnoxious phone messages. Contact their campaign offices and let them know why you are not voting for them. It’s time to send the politicians a message that “do not call” includes them.

Joan Clappier

Grass Valley


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