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Throwing money won’t help

Why does the mental health community believe that throwing money at a problem will make the problem go away?

The events of last Jan. 10 were set in motion when Scott Thorpe became upset with his psychiatrist. Why was he upset with his psychiatrist? Isn’t a psychiatrist supposed to be an expert in handling communication? Why couldn’t he handle Mr. Thorpe’s being upset? Does he feel that people in Mr. Thorpe’s condition are so sick that they can’t be communicated with?

It doesn’t take millions in funding to develop communication skills. The ability to listen, even the ability to listen to a “schizophrenic,” can be developed without government grants. The mental health community in this county should stop whining about all the money it’s not getting this year and start applying basic communication skills.

Paul Mullinger


More unsafe motorists

In the Jan. 6 letters to The Union, a letter (“Unsafe motorist took terrible gamble”) reminded me of a similar experience a few weeks ago. While driving to North San Juan from Nevada City, we were the second car in a group of four cars approaching the bridge on the South Yuba River.

As we were traveling across the bridge, all four of the cars were passed on the left over the double line by a driver in an older pickup truck. The driver of the pickup continued speeding up the hill and left everyone in a cloud of dust.

While there were no oncoming cars, the driver of the pickup ignored the rules of safety just to gain a few minutes. Too many people are so rushed that speeding and recklessness is commonplace.

I admit that I was recently stopped and given a warning for speeding while on the freeway trying to pass a slow truck, and it took that warning to make me wake up and observe speed limits. I thank the CHP and local law enforcement for doing their job!

Doug Wight

Grass Valley

Crabb and dead horses

Another kudo to Bob Crabb for great cartoons. A hearty chuckle to the mouthful of disinformation about the $28,000 contribution.

The disinformation started with poor reporting by The Union when the story first broke. To the uninformed reader, The Union article made it appear that Sutherland and Bedwell had something to do with the $28,000.

The simple fact is that none of that money was contributed to either Sutherland or Bedwell’s campaigns. The Citizens for Responsible Government is an independent PAC, a legal entity that can support any candidate it chooses. How the CRG spent any contribution is none of Sutherland nor Bedwell’s business and is the very reason Robin and Drew have nothing to say about the issue.

If you need to kick a dead horse, go to the elections office. The record will show that those moneys were a filing issue, nothing too mysterious. While you’re there, look up the records on campaign contributions to Robin and Drew’s campaigns. They received no money from the CRG.

Loved Crabb’s cartoon exposing the lack of character of a past supervisor, who doesn’t have the professional courtesy to concede the election, whether he means it or not. Show some class.

Sherrine Crowley

Grass Valley

Amazing prices of yesteryear

I thought these prices from 1938 would bring back memories for your older readers and amaze your younger readers:

Gallon of milk: 50 cents

Loaf of bread: 9 cents

New auto: $710

Gallon of gas: 12 cents

New home: $6,420

Average income: $1,321

In addition, I remember buying a very good burger for a nickel and going to the show for a dime.

John Johnson

Grass Valley

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