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Might still makes right

We keep forgetting that “might makes right.” The United States is a prime example of this philosophy. We own this wonderful country because we won it from the native population.

Israel did start the 1967 war (with help from Britain and France) by bombing Egyptian airplanes (which were on the ground, not in the air). Obviously, our monotheistic God favors the Israelis over the Arabs. Why else would this monotheistic God promise land to the Jews when that land was already populated by Arabs? If that isn’t chosen, I don’t know what is.

This promise was so potent that, despite the fact that Jews left the land in 70 A.D. And were not a viable presence for nearly 2,000 years, they still had a “right” to the land. I don’t quite understand the logic, but the United Nations apparently did when they gave the land to Israel; they ignored the fact that the Arabs had not participated in World War II and that this land was not “up for grabs.”

I think the Israelis are correct in their view that never again will they be victimized. I just want to remind everyone that, according to Robert Payne in his book “Massacre,” 100 million civilians were killed in the 20th century, usually by their own government. (Twenty million military were killed during the period that he writes about.) Nearly 7 million non-Jews perished in the Holocaust – including Germans, Catholics, Poles, Gypsies, homosexuals, retarded people, Slavs, and political dissidents. The victim list is long. And 13 million Russians lost their lives in concentration camps.

So where does this all leave us? With the conclusion that the Israelis have a “right” to kill the Palestinians because of land disputes, the most common cause for war.

Mariam Saliba

Grass Valley

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