Meth warning signs |

Meth warning signs

If your child or anyone you know suddenly starts to exhibit any of these behaviors, there is a very good chance they are using methamphetamine. How do I know this? Am I a doctor? No, I am an expert. I was a practicing addict for over 30 years.

• Severe mood swings; anger, rage, euphoria, listlessness; short temper

• Energy levels extremely high or low

• Unusual sleep patterns, late night hours

• Poor hygiene habits, strong body odors

• Spending a lot of time on seemingly useless tasks or endeavors

• Garbled speech, excessive talking; unable to concentrate, short attention span

• Bizarre conversations; able to rationalize ludicrous thoughts and ideas; paranoia

• Sores and scabs on face, hands, or arms

• Not going to school or work because they are “sick” and want to sleep

• Nervous tics or repetitive body movements; unable to relax or sit still

• Severe appetite swings; severe thirst/craving of sweets

• Frequent sweating, flushed appearance, heavy breathing, rapid heartbeat

• Black streaks on clothing; burns on fingers or hands

• Collecting glass tubes or air fresheners; hoarding of lighters

• Sinus problems; runny nose; dry, cracked lips

• Secretive behavior; obsessive, compulsive behavior; irrational behavior

• Stealing, shoplifting

• Bloodshot, glassy eyes; dilated pupils, squinting

Bob Rogers

Nevada City

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