Meet your neighbor – Robert Gallegos |

Meet your neighbor – Robert Gallegos

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Where I live: Nevada City.

How long I’ve lived in Nevada County: My entire life.

Do I like living here? It is a great place to live. Every time I travel, I get homesick. The law enforcement in this area really makes an effort to keep it safe. This is also a good place to raise children.

What I do in my spare time: I go to the gym with friends or go out to dinner with my wonderful wife. I am an assistant coach and recreational/metro referee for Gold Country Soccer.

My family: I got married on Aug. 18, 2003, to my high school sweetheart, Bethany Denkers of Nevada City. We don’t have any kids yet, but we plan on having them someday.

Friends: My wife, of course. We have a lot of friends outside of our marriage.

Favorite food: I am a huge chicken fan. I would have to say chicken casserole is my favorite dish.

Pets: We have a Siamese fighting fish named Blue. We hope to get a dog in the near future.

Job: I am a mental health worker at Milhous in Nevada City.

What I like about my job: I love working with young adults. I am one myself, and I enjoy making a difference in their lives.

What I would change about my job: Nothing.

The best job I ever had; I would have to say that my current job is the best job that I have ever had.

If I won $1 million: I would buy my brother, Brian Kuehn of Nevada City, a new car, maybe a red Dodge Viper. I would buy a big house and car for my wife and me. I would buy myself a black Decati motorcycle. I would give money to my mother, father, mother-in-law, father-in-law and friends. I would give the rest of the money to our church, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church of Nevada City.

My favorite vacation: Going to Minnesota in 2003 with my wife. We went to the General Convention for the Episcopal church.

My dream vacation: I’d go to Galicia, in northwestern Spain, where my great-grandfather is from. My last name means “of Galicia.”

My greatest accomplishment: Having married the love of my life. She keeps me out of trouble and is such a great, lovable person.

What I’d change about the world: World peace! I would ask that we would get our troops home and end bloodshed in the world.

The most important lesson I’ve learned: You have to work to get what you want. Setting goals and finding ways to accomplish those goals will make this easy.

The person who has made the biggest difference in my life: My mother, Susan Howell; ex-stepfather Vince Dallugge; my wife; ex-stepfather Randy Kuehn; Christopher Seal, pastor at Holy Trinity; Officer Greg Thys of the California Highway Patrol; my father, Wayne Gallego; and Dan Murphey.

Who is your hero? The troops who are fighting for our freedom.

The best book I’ve read recently: “Jesus Freaks: DC Talk and the Voice of the Martyrs, stories of those who stood for Jesus.” Volume 2.

My personal theme song: “Numb” by Linkin Park.

Favorite TV Show: “COPS” and “Forensic Files.”

A movie I’d recommend: “The Count of Monte Cristo.”

What you should know about me: I am the oldest of six. My brothers are Brian Kuehn, Kelty Dallugge and Michael and Wayne Gallegos, and my sister is Sierra Dallugge.


Who are your neighbors? If you know of a western Nevada County resident to be spotlighted in this feature, contact Becky Trout at or 477-4234.

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