MEET YOUR NEIGHBOR: Margot Malone, 52, Nevada City |

MEET YOUR NEIGHBOR: Margot Malone, 52, Nevada City

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How long I’ve lived in Nevada County: 12 years.

Why I like living here: I came to Nevada County in the ’80s to live in a rural, artistic community. Nevada County had everything, was totally accessible and uncrowded. The people were and are friendly and accommodating.

What I do in my spare time: I am theater manager of The City Centre Playhouse. I volunteer to further community theater in Nevada County and the art of stage craft, play production and performance. I also read and write poetry, sing and bake.

My family: I have one son, Robin, who is 22. And my mother, Anushka (Ann), lives here also. She is a survivor of the World War II concentration camps. My father, Robert, is deceased.

Best friend: My best male friend is Bill Toro, a fashion designer in L.A. And my best female friend is Janice Brumfield in Southern California. My best local friend is Tim Casey, and my best local female friend is Susan Glover.

Favorite food: I love exotic foods! But really good shrimp and crab legs are a must. Also root beer floats; cold fried chicken; strawberries; firm, sweet watermelon and chocolate chip cookies.

Pets: I have a blue and red Beta fish named Toshiro, a black cat named Torrance, and a marmalade cat named Gelfin.

Job: My normal vocation is massage therapist. I had a hand injury a couple of years ago, and just recently had surgery for it.

What I like about my job: I loved being able to relieve pain, often for people who had had no reliable help from other sources. That is a great gift. I loved my work.

The best job I ever had: Definitely body worker and life counselor. I enjoy the interaction with people.

If I won a million: I’d pay all my mother’s bills, settle her wherever her heart wanted to be, and give her an allowance. I would send my son on a trip around the world … with me if he would want to go. I’d set aside a sum I thought would last me my lifetime and with the rest, I would make other people’s dreams come true. I would fulfill my promise to Nicky (my deceased fiance) and get his music out.

My favorite vacation: Egypt, for spiritual purposes … all else proceeds from there.

My dream vacation: To go to New Zealand and the British Isles with as many of my friends and family as I could get to go with me.

My greatest accomplishment: The birth and raising of my son … He is the light of my life.

What I’d change about the world: I would change mankind’s need to be separate, the need to see ourselves as better and somehow divinely different from other races.

The most important lessons I’ve learned: That time and life wait for no one.

The people who have made the biggest difference in my life: My mother, for her enduring wisdom. My Bill, for his humor, loyalty and acceptance. Janice, for her devotion to me as a teenager. Nicky, who dared to love in ways he never thought possible and taught me what true love, devotion and courage is. And every other person I have met. I am the Hegelian synthesis of all my past encounters, conscious and unconscious.

My heroes: Cyrano De Bergerac, Don Quixote, Robin Hood, my mother and Nicolas Robertson.

The best book I’ve read recently: A children’s book by Margot Zemach called “It Could Always Be Worse.”

My personal theme song: “The Impossible Dream.”

Favorite TV Show: “The Dick Van Dyke Show.”

A movie I’d recommend: “Pollyanna.”

What you should know about me: Pollyanna is not a word with wimpy connotations. It is an uplifting, encouraging word with noble connotations.

A secret I’ve never told anyone before now: I look forward to being 80 so I can look back and be grateful for all of it, good and bad.

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