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Meet Your Neighbor – Audrey Bowman

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Where I live: Camptonville

How long I’ve lived in Camptonville: One year.

Do I like living here? Oh, I love it. The way people help each other, it’s old-fashioned. People look out for each other and help each other.

What I do in my spare time: I don’t really have any spare time. I do what I like to do pretty much all the time. I do volunteer work with Community Emergency Response Team, Red Cross and take on projects. I’m studying bats and putting together bat programs.

I’m insatiably curious about everything. There are so many fascinating things to do here, I’m always busy. Right now I’m crocheting, quilting and making jam.

My family: My husband Phil Wilson and I’ve got two dogs; they’re my children. Glow is a black lab. I used to do therapy work with him, but he’s kind of retired, and Daisy, a yellow lab, she’ll be five at the end of month, but she’s still mentally a puppy.

Friends: Tons.

Favorite food: Anything spicy or ice cream.

Pets: I call them “animal companions.”

Job: I’m a teacher but I’m not working as a teacher although I’m still connected with kids. I’m known as the bat lady of Camptonville.

What I like about my job: Being able to help people and make a difference in people’s lives.

What I would change about my job: I’d like to get paid some money, any money, more money.

The best job I ever had; It’s a tie between this and working for Emergency Animal Rescue Services in Sacramento. I get to do everything, from puppet shows to directing traffic.

If I won a million: The same thing I’m doing now. I’d probably get irrigation for my yard and help community in some way. My friend and I want to open a coffee shop in Camptonville, with big overstuffed chairs where people can sit read the paper and have coffee.

My favorite vacation: For one summer, I camped and did historical re-enactments. We traveled through Oregon, Washington and Montana.

My dream vacation: I would like to visit the Holy Land, which is not really the safest place to go. If it were safe, that’s where I’d like to go.

My greatest accomplishment: My greatest accomplishment is being able to have a life that is really enjoyable and be in a place like I live – to get out of the city and do things I really like.

What I’d change about the world: I’d really like to see people at peace with each other and getting along. And an end to poverty.

The most important lesson I’ve learned: Life is very precious and you can lose it in a second – to value every day and every moment.

The person who has made the biggest difference in my life: Tie between my father and my husband, Phil. He’s really my soul mate.

Who is your hero? Jesus. He would be a superhero.

The best book I’ve read recently: A nonfiction book on bats.

My personal theme song: Silly ones I make up about dogs.

Favorite TV Show: I don’t watch TV much.

A movie I’d recommend: I don’t watch many movies.

What you should know about me: That I like bats and animals and I love this area.

Why you, or your ancestors, come to this area: Apparently my ancestors were here during Gold Rush, I haven’t been able to trace that back. My mom’s side just migrated at the turn of the century to Chico.


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