Medical marijuana useful to those with physical illnesses |

Medical marijuana useful to those with physical illnesses

We read recently a claim medical marijuana is a farce and may have contributed to Scott Thorpe’s actions on Jan. 10, 2001.

I am a current medical cannabis user who is “critically ill,” not “mentally ill.” There is a big difference between the two. When I think of critically ill, I think of those with AIDS, cancer, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, alcoholism, and chronic pain.

I agree that the “mentally ill” should be observed very carefully before prescribing any medication. Almost any medication or drug of choice may have adverse affects. Sometimes, a mentally ill client is prescribed a medication for their condition. If a mentally ill client decides to stop taking their medication, it too could lead to devastating consequences. If one remembers accurately, Mr. Thorpe was paranoid because of government conspiracies. He thought his food, medicine and medical marijuana was being poisoned. The local investigators even found his medical cannabis with a label which read, “poisoned by the government.” I doubt he even took the cannabis. In fact, I doubt he was on any medication.

Perhaps our county holding gun shows which Scott Thorpe loved could have contributed to his acts of violence. Even the Wilcoxes stated an opinion about gun shows. But, just as the state of California recognizes the right to bear arms (Second Amendment), it also recognizes medical cannabis as extremely beneficial to the critically ill. Even Attorney General Bill Lockyer, stood up for the voters of California in regards the benefits of medical cannabis.

Almost anything could have “adverse reactions.” Even making judgments can have an adverse reaction. Please don’t judge the benefits or adverse reaction of any drug or medication until you, yourself, have either experienced it or have further expanded your mind due to further research.

Nadia Littlewing

Nevada City

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