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Measure D

A society is judged not by how much wealth individuals accumulate, but by how well it preserves the commonwealth in which all have a stake. This includes caring for those who cannot care for themselves, such as the mentally ill.

The modest funding currently provided for mental health services would be drastically reduced if Measure D passes. Measure D is an unfunded mandate requiring the county to reimburse developers for their theoretical losses even with no actual losses.

A candidate who supports Measure D believes using public funds to enrich speculators is a higher priority than helping our neediest.

Dr. Winslow Rogers chairman, Nevada

County Mental Health/

Alcohol and Drug

Advisory Board

The continuing scare tactic by the Board of Supervisors and others opposed to this measure, of claiming that its passage would cost us millions of dollars, is interesting.

This conjecture presupposes that the present practice of infringing on people’s property rights would continue, even after passage of the Measure. Perhaps this supposition has some merit considering the present makeup of the board. However, the intent is to discourage these practices. If they are discontinued, there will be no cost incurred and no feeding frenzy by the parasitic lawyers because there will be no usurping of property rights to contend.

Bill Beckner

Nevada City

I thought I’d heard everything when I heard about somebody suing because their coffee was too hot. Then I heard about someone suing because junk food made them fat. Now there’s some folks that want to sue us, the taxpayers, if they don’t make as much profit as they would like on their real estate deals. They must think we’re really stupid. I’ve been a Nevada County property owner for over 20 years, and this is the worst piece of nonsense that anyone has yet tried to foist off on us. Please vote NO on Measure D.

Rob Cairns

Nevada City

The argument against Measure D in the sample ballot states, “… cost Nevada County taxpayers up to $10,000,000 per year.” This is an open admission those pro-NH 2020 supervisors expect to do a lot of dinking with our property rights. All the more reason for us to pass Measure D.

Measure D may make the supervisors do some serious thinking before they make their big power grab on our property rights. There argument against Measure D is the best argument to pass Measure D. Measure D will put a monkey on the supervisors’ backs to not fool with our property rights.

William C. Chilcott


NH 2020 was a program meant to sincerely look forward, preserving open space and ecological treasures for future generations.

Small-minded hysteria and intrusively large signs took their toll on a program that admittedly might have been better presented. We’re now offered Measure D, a backlash proposal that could potentially (it seems quite willingly) bankrupt the county. With no real forward vision or solutions to benefit the whole of Nevada County’s growing population, proponents of Measure D tout selfish rights with no public accountability. Vote no on D.

Nory Fussell

Nevada City

It is my hope that this election will be decided by voters who can see beyond the uneven coverage of local issues and editorial positions of this newspaper.

Monday’s editorial found fault with Measure D as ill-conceived, yet blamed the Board of Supervisors for causing it. How about the folks behind it? And the misleading statements used when gathering signatures? What has this board done to your private property except increase its value by advocating for good planning and reasonable development? This board has brought stable and fiscally responsible government. Vote to retain Conklin, Martin and NO on D.

Barbara Rivenes

Nevada City

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