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Measure D

Why should we vote yes on Measure D? Just look to North Natomas for your answer. An agreement between the city and county of Sacramento will set aside 10,000 acres as open space; some of it is currently zoned for development. Those property owners are left holding the bag with devalued property that cannot be developed and nowhere to turn to appeal. An arbitrary decision deprived them of their right to use their property. Do not let that happen here in Nevada County. Establish a process for fairness. Vote yes on D.

Dennis Bowman

Grass Valley

Measure D would require county compensation when use restrictions convert our private property into public easements. Strict state/federal laws still apply. If the Board of Supervisors worried about the cost, they could change their fiscally irresponsible policies. After spending $20,000 on the fiscal analysis of Measure D, they ignored one option: modify the General Plan and zoning requirements as they become too expensive.

Wasteful spending is the watchword of Izzy and Bruce! +/- $200,000 on NH 2020; $25,000 salary increase for CAO Ted Gaebler plus a $10,000 bonus for meeting performance goals.

Vote for Drew Bedwell, Robin Sutherland, and Yes on D.

Sharon Brady

Nevada City

What’s so bad about Measure D, so-called “Property Owner’s Compensation Initiative?” You should pay developers not to develop a strip mall at your residential cul-de-sac, right? You should pay developers not to bring Wal-Mart’s traffic to mow down kids walking from school, right?

The government right to regulate land use has long been upheld. Measure D may bankrupt us to pay for attorneys. The proponents’ motive is to bash duly-elected supervisors who support planned growth, realized NH-2020 wasn’t working here, listened to constituents, then retired it. Proponents of Measure D wrapped it in stars and stripes, but underneath it stinks!

Nick Jedenoff

Cedar Ridge

In taking a position opposed to Measure D, one is saying, in effect, that:

a. The county plan has no value.

b. The Planning Commission is not able and will not be able to function.

c. City councils and city governments have no control or input into development and growth in the county.

d. Private landowners are dishonest, looking for opportunities to sue government.

Yes on Measure D.

Mark P. Hicks


Did anyone notice?

Measure C, supported by county officials, appears to be fully described by over 800 words in the Voter Information Pamphlet.

Measure D, opposed by those same county officials, contains about 200 words. It isn’t provided for you in that same Information Pamphlet.

Is this just a coincidence?

Judi Simon

Grass Valley

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