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Martin’s action no surprise

Joe Vielbig

Izzy Martin’s statement “I don’t want to spend any more money on it and I don’t want to tear the community in half any more” regarding stopping NH 2020 by July was very revealing:

— Not spending more money to make us feel she’s fiscally conservative? She’s spent $200,000 of our money on an unnecessary, flawed process. Fiscally conservative? You decide.

— She doesn’t want to further tear the community apart. Now she admits she caused dividing the community! Why didn’t she stop months ago in mid-2001? Does timing make it appear she is trying to salvage her failing re-election? Why July and not now? To complete NH 2020 as much as possible to incorporate what she can into the General Plan?

Hmmmm. You decide.

Consider that Izzy:

— arrogantly dismissed, without allowing discussion, the 8,900 voters’ petition to put NH 2020 on the March ballot and likewise dismissed, without discussion, Sue Horne’s suggestion to table the NH 2020 process.

— was adamant after primary to keep NH 2020 going. Why a 180-degree turn now? Hmmmm. Re-election problems?

— sent letter to Gov. Davis requesting to stop SPI clearcutting (only 20-acre area) on their own property and lobbied for Assembly bill to give BOS review powers over currently heavily regulated SPI approved harvest plans.

— pushed establishing Yuba River “Wild and Scenic” designation, by bypassing our Nevada County legislators and seeking out a Bay Area environmentalist legislator to ramrod it through the Legislature against local residents’ opposition.

Was she acting in the best interests of the majority of voters? You decide.

If re-elected, Izzy could put NH 2020 back on the table and continue where she left off. SBC is ready and waiting. Think about it!! Izzy was a very popular candidate three years ago – confident, articulate and intelligent. However, once in office she appeared to push her own agenda, not listening to her constituents and didn’t observe the will of the people. As she said, “If you don’t trust their (BOS) judgment (hers) vote them (her) out”!

Vote for Robin Sutherland, District 4 Supervisor.

Joe Vielbig

Penn Valley


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