Martin, Sutherland, Antonson |

Martin, Sutherland, Antonson

Thursday’s cartoon was childlike and at best a questionable attempt at put-down humor.

Robin is still laughing because it has the strong possibility of back-firing on Izzy. Down and dirty and in poor taste for an intelligent person.

Izzy’s self-taught or poorly coached students are very prolific, to say the least.

However, they do give us our morning chuckle over coffee and The Union editorials, so keep those cards and letters coming.

Bob and

Marilyn Carrel

Penn Valley

Upon reading Ms. Martin’s Web page, I have found it to be nothing more than a page that regurgitates all of the lies (letters to the editor) that were previously written about Robin Sutherland by Izzy’s liberal letter-writing machine in Nevada City.

Does Izzy Martin really think that we are stupid? If she must conduct herself unethically to win, I don’t want her in my government. Look at what she has done, divided our community over NH 2020, built a juvenile hall on toxic property, and hired an administrator for $200,000 per year. Get this corrupt extreme liberal “Izzy” out.

Will Beilman

Penn Valley

In the Sept. 25 edition of The Union, Robin was asked about how can we improve roads and traffic. She went on to say that she had lived on a dirt road that “they” said, but never did, maintain for two years. The Post Chaise Road Association has maintained the roads for 15 years through neighborhood contributions. The only time Sutherland ever made a contribution was a $250 check in 1997, and it “bounced.” She never put a dime toward the road. What a community-support person she turned out to be, let alone a supervisor.

Bill Dickson

Penn Valley

I recently moved home from Arizona, so I’m one who hasn’t made up his mind about who gets my vote.

I decided that the only way I could be objective was to attend the debates and draw my own conclusions.

After three debates I can honestly say Robin Sutherland is out of her league.

Being what I consider a savvy Goldwater Republican, I was surprised that Robin is the endorsed Republican candidate when Rene Antonson is a much better choice. Thankfully it’s a non-partisan race.

Sorry Robin, my vote goes to the better Republican. I’m writing in Rene Antonson.

Colin Gates

Grass Valley

All of the hate letters against Robin Sutherland are coming from the same radical Nevada City crowd, a liberal letter-writing machine in full force. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Yuba Nation, South Yuba River Citizens League and the main Rural Quality Coalition are raised there.

After reading this garbage, my vote still remains with Sutherland. She’s worked with government programs “hands on” for the past 20 years, and has also worked with nonprofits. Her business background and conservative views will be an asset to this county.

Jane Dickson

Penn Valley

Wildfire is Nevada County’s number one public safety issue, and Izzy Martin has earned my support by working to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire.

Since Izzy joined the Board of Supervisors, the county has increased funding to the Fire Safe Council and other fire reduction programs. Izzy helped write and pass the county’s first neighborhood Fire Safe Plan, a plan supported by firefighters and the local community.

Robin Sutherland, on the other hand, criticized the Fire Safe Plan and opposes similar efforts by neighborhoods to control fire danger. For that reason alone, Robin Sutherland should not be elected supervisor.

Lynell Garfield

Nevada City

If Izzy had listened months ago to the people who elected her, NH 2020 would be a dead issue. But NH 2020 is not dead. Rene Antonson is quoted by The Union as saying “he supports keeping the data the program developed.” Izzy Martin said on KNCO, “quit beating a dead horse.” Izzy, you bred NH 2020 and you’re still riding this pony. Robin Sutherland and Drew Bedwell will kill it.

Linda Blunk

Penn Valley

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