Margaret Munson: Capitol carnage |

Margaret Munson: Capitol carnage


If Trump, Cruz, Hawley, Giuliani and the rest of the swamp creatures had souls and consciences, the carnage at the Capitol would not have occurred.

The blood that has already been made visible in the picture of the young woman on the stretcher is on them. I doubt that will stop them — Trump because he has gone over the edge in his arrogance, and the rest because they are toadies.

But how will Ted explain this to his daughters? How do parents explain that breaking the law is condoned by our president and many elected politicians, that protesting is a right if it is civil?

America exists because of protests against an arrogant king. Protests have led to women’s suffrage and civil rights laws. Peaceful protests are an acceptable form of expression, but violence is not because it perpetuates itself, which Trump has turned into a vicious philosophy.

As usual, Trump spoke out of both sides of his mouth. “We had the election stolen from us” … ”go home in peace.“ Why didn’t he say, “Violence is not acceptable, stop and go home in peace.” Because he thrives on violence and chaos. Because he is a coward who lives vicariously on this kind of sickness in the safety of the White House.

He and his sycophants are guilty of sedition. If there were anyone with real courage, the 25th Amendment would be invoked. Patriotism is real courage, paid for frequently with lives and facing danger.

Ashli Babbit served her country in the Air Force, which was an act of patriotism. How and why she became a Trump supporter may never be known and does not change the fact that she was killed and several other people have died. Is Trump worth dying for? The grieving families probably do not think so.

The three women who resigned from the First Lady’s staff showed more moral courage than Congressional Republicans have in the last four years. The fact that congressional Republicans did the right thing during the certification vote does not erase four years of enabling an evil, despicable, incompetent president to damage our republic in all areas of life.

New York State will accomplish what those Republicans did not. How many of Trump’s cult will support him if he is found guilty of crimes?

We need the courage to talk to those with whom we disagree. Sometimes it is as difficult to speak as it is to hear. Who wants to participate?

Margaret Munson lives in Penn Valley.

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