Manny Montes: Not buying this one |

Manny Montes: Not buying this one

Four years of shouting Trump is an illegitimate president, a Russian asset, a Nazi, a white supremacist leader conducting Klu Klux Kan rallies, the special counsel spending $40 million on the Russia collusion investigation and coming up without a scintilla of evidence, an attempt to impeach Trump while Joe Biden in fact committed a quid pro quo he even boasted about — and we’re to believe this hatred would not engender initiatives to try to steal the election?

The resistance perpetrated by the left haranguing Trump and his followers demonstrated a deep hatred and angst. In light of this, is it so preposterous to expect cheating to take place in balloting and vote counting?

Progressives would have us believe the election results are as pure as a bowl of sugar. Others contend that what we really have is a bowl of salt. I smell a rat.

All polls aside, the fear of Trump winning reelection was palpable. Progressive operatives know that any sitting president with greater than 56 percent of those polled viewing their lives better during his years in office and an enthusiasm gap of greater than 30 percent in Trump’s favor, demonstrated by rock concert-like rallies, pro-Trump car and boat caravans across the nation, is guaranteed reelection.

The Progressives knew this despite the polls predicting a blue wave. I strongly suspect the following thought patterns in those with the power to prevent Trump from being re-elected to go something like this: “Trump, the Nazi, white supremacist, bigoted racist, may very well win reelection. We absolutely cannot let this happen. And his cult racist followers are votes we can righteously, morally contravene.”

Think this is far fetched? Ethics have long been jettisoned among those whose polar star is power. In light of the above, those wanting Trump out of office would feel righteous about doing whatever it took to guarantee his defeat.

Hours after polls closed nationwide, President Trump was comfortably ahead in every state he needed to win, including Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Then, between 3 and 4 a.m., vehicles (some rentals with other state license plates) delivered tens of thousands of unsealed ballots, and the next morning Biden was in the lead in all these states.

The vote totals added to Biden’s column shot up like a rocket launch at Cape Canaveral. Believable? Come on, really? Want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

Many anticipated the mail-in ballot count to favor Biden, but I find the rocket launch increase in Biden’s column suspect.

For example: A Great Lakes Justice Center complaint provides “eyewitness accounts and direct evidence” that “approximately 40,000” unsecured, irregular ballots arrived in vehicles with out-of-state license plates at Detroit’s only vote-counting location, TCF Center, in the wee hours of the Nov. 4 morning during a shift change in election workers. Eyewitnesses signed affidavits saying that every one of this group of 40,000 ballots they saw “was counted orally and attributed only to Democratic candidates,” specifically Joe Biden.

The Justice Center filed suit, but Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Timothy Kenny issued a ruling denying the request to audit the election results, stating the claims were “incorrect and not credible.” He also said it would be “unprecedented” for the court to stop the certification process. Hmm.

And a study conducted by the Election Law Study Subcommittee of the Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee found the following disturbing assertions regarding this election:

— Violation of ballot/computer security procedures during early voting and on Election Day.

— Recount: Counting votes without monitoring or without meaningful monitoring.

— No chain of custody.

— Suspicious “pristine” absentee ballots.

— Duplication of ballots without oversight.

— Denial of entry to Election Day poll watchers and during recount.

— Wildly disparate vote totals from the recount.

— Ballots counted from ineligible voters.

— Constitutional violations of duly passed law.

— Data analysis in general and Dominion issues.

Democrats greased the skids by filing hundreds of election law lawsuits across the nation long before this year’s Nov. 3 election date, attempting, I believe, to void any and all of the security protocols that states have in place for absentee ballots. Their successful attempts stripped away election security measures in order to harvest votes that might otherwise be rejected.

This resulted in chaos across most of the nation, enough to mask an election fraud needed to have Biden win. The chaos was the Progressive magicians’ misdirection of our attention.

According to a Rasmussen poll, even 30 percent of Democrats believe the election was stolen from Trump. The misdirection smokescreen is still floating all around us, and confusion abounds.

When it finally dissipates, the reality of what happened may astound us all.

It was as if we witnessed a magic show on a national scale American illusionist David Blain would be proud of.

Manny Montes is an Auburn resident.


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