Lyme disease a real danger |

Lyme disease a real danger

In your article, “Lyme disease not prevalent, but it does occur in the county,” you not only missed a valuable opportunity to educate our community about Lyme tick disease, but you also led your readers to believe that Lyme tick disease is not a significant risk in Nevada County.

I too used to believe that Lyme tick disease was primarily an East Coast disease. Then, two years ago, I found that I didn’t have enough strength to hold a coffee cup. My legs felt like rubber; I had no vitality; the left side of my body went numb; and my mental functioning was impaired. After a series of tests, I tested positive for chronic Lyme rick disease and another tick-borne disease called ehrlichiosis.

Lyme tick disease IS a significant potential health risk in Nevada County. Deer are not the only animals carrying the disease: reptiles, birds and other mammals carry the disease.

The disease is underreported because of the state reporting criteria and because many people like myself never know they have it! They are often misdiagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, etc. Also, since there are few laboratories that have reliable testing for Lyme tick disease, people can get negative test results when in fact they have the disease. Based on the hundreds of people who have attended the Sierra Foothills Lyme Disease Support Group in the last two years, I believe that we have a significant number of known cases of Lyme tick disease in the county and probably have an even larger number of undiagnosed cases.

I am asking that The Union publish a follow-up article on Lyme tick disease that describes the symptoms of the disease and other tick-borne diseases, the various tests that are available for diagnosis, the difficulty finding doctors in Nevada County that are willing to treat patients with the disease, and why this disease has become a “political disease.” The Union is in a unique position to publish this information, so that others will become more knowledgeable and hopefully avoid becoming disabled as I am by this horrible disease.

Connie Anderson

Nevada City

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