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Lori Steele: Inconsistencies at the county building department

I recently heard an interview on the radio with the Nevada County Building Department’s Craig Greisbach. He stated that they do not “go looking” for code violators. I beg to disagree. I live in the neighborhood of a worker in the Building Department. They lived in a motor home for eight years while they built their shop, home, solar system, well and septic with no permits or inspections.

When they moved, I put in a violation against them for all the illegal buildings and got a call from Craig Greisbach. He stated that nothing is going to happen to my complaint and the property I was complaining about would just “be brought up to code.“ This was said without ever seeing the property.

I was then transferred to another person who said they wanted to talk about an extra building on my property and they were sending me a violation. About 15 minutes later, a county car pulled up to my house but couldn’t see through a six-foot fence. I then received a violation in the mail without them ever seeing my property.

To this day, not one person from the Building Department has been to my neighbor’s for the violation I put in.

How is that OK to have the code and compliance tell people whether they can build or not but they are exempt from getting permits? They can just “bring it up to code” without seeing it.

Why do we have to abide by the rules while they get to break them? I got a violation because I complained about one of them, and nothing has ever happened to my complaint. So many people try to do the right thing and get permits just to get shut down or pay an enormous amount of money.

But, if you work at the Building Department you don’t have to abide by the same rules and you can build what you want, apparently.

Lori Steele

Cedar Ridge

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