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Loose lips can still sink ships

Your front page article entitled “Safe and secure? How terrorists could target Nevada County” on Sept. 11 initially angered me beyond description … until I realized that there are so few of us left that remember, first-hand, World War II, the last “real war” this country was engaged in.

By this, I mean a war in which the involved countries fought to defeat the enemy – totally and completely – to an unconditional surrender, without any regard for human life, or compassion of any kind. These are our phrases, and totally foreign to our adversaries.

In the three military engagements we have been involved in since then – Korea, Vietnam, and the “Gulf War” – our fighting personnel were allowed to fight and die up to a particular line, and then were told to quit!

I feel that most Americans who remember will agree that neither Korea nor Vietnam could be called successful endeavors, much less victories. In both these engagements, our men fought and died for nothing! In the Gulf War, General Schwartzkopf urged President George H.W. Bush to continue the fight until Saddam Hussein was eliminated for all time. President Bush, at the time, declared that there was “no need to continue. We came here to liberate Kuwait from Hussein, we’ve done that – it’s time to go home.”

Evidently he was mistaken, because terrorists attacked this country on Sept. 11, 2001 (the first time we have been attacked since England fought us on the Concord Green in Massachusetts). These terrorists do not want to subdue us, they do not want to rule us, they do not want what we have. They view us with such vitriolic hate that their only goal is to kill every American – remove us from the face of the earth, claiming it is right because it is their God’s will.

In the 1940s, a person couldn’t cast their eyes in any direction without seeing posters, billboards and headlines proclaiming “Loose lips sink ships!,” urging people to refrain from speaking of anything pertaining to the most obscure military matters. “They (the Axis) are listening! Our enemies’ sympathizers are among us – everywhere.” Today we are in the same situation again.

The Union’s entire article is a literary road map of things the enemy will take note of, such as what is at Camp Beale, what it does, how it can be recognized (a 10-story PAVE PAWS facility? Come on!) and how effective it is. We must remember this new enemy has total and complete disdain for their own lives or anyone’s, as long as they can kill Americans.

They do not think on a small scale when an operation is undertaken. To wit: More people were killed on 9/11/01 than we have lost in the entire Iraq war to date.

We do not need to draw them a road map of our intended escape routes in the event that San Francisco or Sacramento is attacked or even decimated in a nuclear explosion (the weapons can be had from nations that are sympathetic with the terrorists) or other huge operation.

The Grass Valley fire chief tells us, “We know we’re going to be an area of hideout above the holocaust.” Now that it’s been published in the papers, anyone who’s interested knows it, too!

Can’t you just hear them? “Great! We’ll drive them out of the cities and give them time to get to the foothills. Then we can surround the whole county with fire. Hell, we should be able to trap millions of them if we give it a little thought.”

We do not need to inform them of the plans that our government has as to the whereabouts of “the wing of flying tankers that refuel military jets in mid-air.” Sure they probably know about it already … but do we have to remind them? Remember, these fanatics don’t want what we have, they just want us dead and gone!

We are involved in the first real, cruel, winner-takes-all war that any of us have ever seen. We’re not fighting to a line this time. It’s them or us! Please, listen to the people that understand such tactics.


Ralph A. New is a resident of Nevada City.

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