Like little B-52s |

Like little B-52s

Spring is here, the flowers are blooming and I don’t have a care in the world, I thought, sitting on my deck. Well, there were a few mosquitoes buzzing around, but what are a few of them? They come with the territory, but I have no fear, there is no standing water, a pond or mud puddles.

I have mosquito- eating fish in the water trough, plus a few gold fish that have been with me for the past four years. So what are a few little mosquitoes going to do?

My neighbors on one side have a small pond, but it is loaded with mosquito-eating fish and catfish, and they have no standing water. The neighbors on the other side have no pond, and I know of no standing water. So I thought, what, me worry?

I have a few animals: two horses, Versano, a 12-year-old Lippizan gelding; Ebony Rose, a cute little filly; one Llama and a pot bellied pig outside. In the house I have birds and a few dogs: American Eskimos, Gracie and Maria, plus a deaf Aussie, Happy, and they are all white.

The horses have had their West Nile vaccines, and the dogs are on heartworm preventative, so you see, no worry.

Well, a few nights ago, the horses and llama came up to the end of my deck for a treat, visit and a kiss. The horses got kisses but the llama,Thunder, really has halitosis so bad and especially when he gets angry. So needless to say he gets a pat on the head. I asked my better half to bring me a few carrots so they would be happy.

As the sun started to set, out came those cute little B-52 bombers. A couple buzzed around my head but kind of steered clear of me, because I love to cook with garlic and spray myself. I have even been accused of putting it in my cookies, but I don’t. Now that would be silly.

When I went to give Ebony a kiss, there were a few flying around, and I thanked God she had her vaccine. When I turned to kiss Versano goodnight, he only had a few on his beautiful face, but then I looked at his back and I got the shock of my life. He was covered with mosquitoes from his neck to the rear.

Then I looked down at the dogs, and they, too, were snapping at the B-52s. Quickly I escorted the dogs into the house and closed the door.

I went back outside, taking my life in my hands, and wiped the horses down with repellent so the little buggers would at least stay off of them for a while.

I guess what I am trying to say is, if you haven’t gotten the horses vaccinated yet, do so as soon as possible and please get your dogs on preventative after having them tested for heart worms. By the way, I just found out that cats get the heartworms, too.

I had a dog back in 2001 that died from what those little B-52’s gave her, and it is a horrible, painful death if you don’t catch it in time for treatment.

I don’t go outside after 5 p.m. because my health is poor, and all I need is a gift from the mosquitoes.

If you go outside, wear long pants, long-sleeve shirts, cover your feet and spray with a repellent. For those who want to go organic, I think there is a Citronella type on the market.

Make sure the children are protected also and maybe bring them inside and play games with them at the height of the mosquitoes’ feeding time.

And make sure all your windows are screened.


Claire Grondona lives in Nevada City.

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