Liberals are the source of all our problems |

Liberals are the source of all our problems

Liberals are the source of all our problems

The Jimmy Carter administration gave us 22 percent inflation. The Reagan administration raised interest rates to control this inflation and our economy went into a recession. Today, inflation has returned. Land and houses, medical costs, wages and many commodities are up in cost. Gold is over $700 an ounce. We will have to continue raising interest rates to counter inflation and to support a falling dollar. This will again put the economy into a recession.

There are many additional factors which are detrimental to our economy. High energy costs, high labor and benefits costs, tremendously high government costs, a falling dollar, out of control debt costs, a trade balance deficit, out of control immigration problems, a pension crisis, loss of jobs and companies going overseas, a worthless United Nations and many impossible world problems.

Liberals are responsible for our energy crisis. This is primarily of our own making. We could easily solve this problem, but we would have to embrace common sense thinking. We have vast amounts of oil and natural gas in the ground, but these areas have been placed off-limits for drilling. At what future price, $4.00, $7.00, $10.00 a gallon of gas will we decide to drill for this oil? What is worse than high gas prices? No gas is worse and that could happen. One third of consumed oil is used to manufacture the many products we buy. Just the announcement that we would drill in these off-limit areas would cause a major drop in energy prices.

Government is not the solution. Government is the problem. Government will give you many words and waste millions of dollars. Gasoline is used because it is the cheapest product available and has the least problems in using it. High gas prices reduce the amount consumed. Higher prices can make alternate forms of energy competitive. Ethanol uses large amounts of energy to make and costs 80 cents a gallon more than gas. Gasoline’s mileage is one third better than ethanol. Ethanol is very corrosive and requires special handling.

The U.S. is a debtor nation. The Federal, States, Counties, Cities, Districts, credit cards, home loans, and business and personal loans amount to a staggering $50 trillion. This total increases each day. The balance of trade deficit is between $60 billion and $70 billion each month. We are dependent on foreigners to finance our debt, supply our energy and the many products we buy.

With a falling dollar, what happens when they refuse to fund our out of control government and personal spending? Our bankrupt Federal Government would be unable to pay its bills. One sure thing you would see is large tax increases.

How did we get to this terrible situation? First, you have to understand that the Democratic party no longer exists. We do have “Dinos.” That is “Democrats In Name Only.” The Democratic party is really the Liberal party. Liberals run for office as Democrats. Once elected, they become 100 percent Liberals. They control the news media, the education system, the entertainment industry, the Labor Unions, the legal system and most of our government functions.

Liberalism is in the same category as Communism, Socialism or Fascism. These all want complete government control over all facets of our lives. They want to destroy our Capitalistic system, private industry and private property. They increase government spending and then proceed to sell bonds and raise taxes. They want to eliminate oil use, but provide no workable alternative.

One year after the Kyoto Protocol was activated, Liberals reported that after an estimated cost of $150 billion, the average global temperature was reduced by 0.0015 degrees centigrade. For 20 years we have lived with a forecast of many dire happenings. I do not know of one single tragedy caused by Global Warming. Why is the Pacific Ocean getting colder? Mother Nature cleans our air each time it rains or snows. Rain and snow remove carbon and nitrogen from the air and transfer it to the ground as fertilizer.

California, once the Golden State, is now the ridiculous state. Governor Edmond Brown left with the states finances in a mess. Governor Dukemejian vetoed millions of new taxes passed by the Liberal Legislature and left with the budget balanced. Governor Jerry Brown left with the state’s finances in a mess. Governor Wilson left with a balanced budget. Even though state income jumped up dramatically, Governor Davis and the Liberal Legislature spent many billions more than the increased income. Why did the voters re-elect Davis and then remove him one year later in a costly election?

Thomas Crosswhite lives in Grass Valley

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