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William Steele: Trump’s lies are unprecedented

Trump’s lies are unprecedented

Publisher Don Rogers takes issue with the New York Times Magazine for taking sides in their reporting of statements by Donald Trump. He said it approaches propaganda. I disagree.

There is broad agreement that the president lies — from the size of his crowds to the place of Barack Obama’s birth to the Access Hollywood tapes, which he now disputes, although he previously apologized for them.

The real danger of the president is that he causes people to question reality. If reasonable people cannot agree on a set of demonstrable and provable facts, then it’s difficult to agree on any action and the result is our current paralysis.

Mr. Rogers also said that presidents have always had a disregard for truth and that although Trump does this with regularity, it doesn’t make it worse than the whoppers told throughout our history. Nonsense. Trump’s constant, knowing, self-promoting and easily dis-proven lies are unprecedented and I’m glad the NY Times has called them what they are.

It is wrong to give truth and falsehood equal weight and trusted sources should be able to make that distinction.

William Steele

Nevada City

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