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William Steele: In support of Trump? Really?

A recent issue of The Union had back-to-back letters in support of President Trump.

In the first, Jo Ann Rebane said when Speaker Pelosi tore up his speech at the conclusion of the State of the Union message, it was a “juvenile stunt.” Maybe so, but certainly no more juvenile than Trump when he turned his back on the outstretched hand of the Speaker before the speech. Such actions only contribute to our political divide.

Rebane went on to tout the “economic and employment good news.” Actually, there’s plenty of bad news. His huge tax break for the very wealthy has resulted in a trillion dollar deficit — up 27%. Real wages, flat since the ’70s, have increased slightly but less than in the Clinton, Bush and Obama years. And employment is up slightly, but this is due to an increase in minimum wage jobs as we continue to lose high paying manufacturing jobs.

In the second letter, the writer says he will vote for Trump even though he knows of his many sexual transgressions, that Trump went against the interests of the U.S. in extorting Ukraine, of his many bankruptcies and that Trump stole money from his own charity.

Was this really a support letter?

William M. Steele

Nevada City

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