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William Steele: Congress must see full Mueller report

Some in Washington have said the Mueller investigation failed. The “failed” label could have been anticipated but anyone who calls it such does not understand this country and its history.

The Mueller investigation did not set out to prove Trump’s guilt. Its charge was to investigate allegations that the Trump campaign conspired with the Russians during the 2016 election and, if there was conspiracy, to determine if there was an attempt to obstruct justice. The inquiry was to determine the truth insofar as it was possible. Just truth — not guilt. To say that it “failed” is to imply it failed to prove guilt, and since that is not what it set out to do, it did not fail.

Then there’s the obstruction issue. Unfortunately, Mueller did not make a judgment as to whether the evidence rose to the level to support an indictment, although he definitely did not exonerate him.

We get this not from the Mueller report but from the Attorney General’s summary of it. That’s the newly installed Mr. Barr who has previously said the investigation was illegitimate.

It is Congress, not the Administration, that has the responsibility to rein in presidential excess and maintain the balance of power, so it is vital that Congress see the original report and the supporting documentation now.

William Steele

Nevada City

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