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William Larsen: Praise for Memorial Day issue of The Union

I wish to thank The Union for its Memorial Day piece on my Vietnam history and psychotherapeutic work with veterans and their families. I thought Sam Corey did a super job in representing the struggles many veterans have after returning home.

Because of space restraints however, there was one important omission that needs to be corrected. The veteran therapy program could never have been as successful as it was without the dedicated input of three sub-contracting therapists I brought in over the years.

These professionals gave heart and soul to this work, and deserve recognition for their efforts and expertise. They are Andrea Earle, Mary Tendall and Paige Brown. It should be noted that Paige and her husband, Gary, went on to found “Welcome Home Vets,” a nonprofit corporation offering counseling and other services to local veterans (they can be reached at 530-272-3300).

Believe me, if it takes a village to raise a child, it took the hard work of several people to create and maintain the program highlighted in the article.

William Larsen

Nevada City

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