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Willard Schoellerman: Christ paid for our sins

As we were recently in the Christmas season where we sang “Peace on Earth,” we must also acknowledge there is evil in the world.

I was reminded of this evil with the recent passing of Charles Manson. It is hard to comprehend someone equally evil as he although recent events seem to match his example. The shooter in Tehama tried to get into an elementary school to gun down innocent children. Or the church shooter in Texas who went down the aisle shooting children at point blank range, and there is the Las Vegas shooter.

Then there are the Muslim extremists who use airplanes, bombs, knives, guns, trucks or cars to kill innocent civilians in planned attacks.

The Bible states that Satan is the root of all evil. The Bible also says that the Christ, whose birthday we just celebrated, paid for our sin on the cross so those who believe in Him can have everlasting life. Think about it!

Willard Schoellerman


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